Invisibility vs Ratling Gunner/Deathrattler

I noticed, that at least for Shade, that if you activate your ult, Deathrattler will still target you, because his attack is one whole volley. If this happens to Huntsman and Ranger Veteran as well, I would suggest to change it, at it is ridiculous. The normal enemies trying to hit you once, when you go invisible is no problem, as this makes some sense, but gunfire following you, when the enemy is not able to see you anymore…


Bosses pick and chose when they care about invisibility, nothing better than going invis as a shade behind a chaos spawn only for him to 180 slam you after you’re invisible.

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Working as intented, its just a small studio, working invisibility would just be a crutch for noobs.
Think I covered it.

I don’t think its working as intended, but rather working as temporary solution. They changed invisibility to stop taking up new focus of enemies and to stop the current one. I guess initiated hits are executed because otherwise a small stun would be needed.
As for gunners the salve is just one whole attack, that gets executed until it has to reload. Maybe a short stun only for gunners would be sufficient to prevent the whole salve targeting an invisible player. Or maybe there is another possibility to stop the gunners from firing.

It is indeed a small studio and I don’t expect this to be fixed soon. But the patch, which fixed the problem I pointed out earlier in this comment shows, that working on the invisibility mechanic is an actual thing.

I don’t think either, that this would be a crutch for noobs, but a useful fix, as this accounts for high and low level players. Bugs making the game harder is not the correct approach to make a difficult game.