Enemies tracking through invisibility, disablers can disable during invisibility

Title. Had it happen now twice to me as Shade that hookrats flatout hooked me while invisible. The first time I thought I might have been fooled, but it happened again with more than half invisbility remaining. Happened as client.


I had the same experience with gun rats. They sometimes keep firing at me while I’m invisible.

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Are you saying they started the “hooking” attack a few seconds after you turned invisible? That sounds really strange.

If enemies start an attack or attack chain before you go invisible they will happily finish that attack (chain), same goes for ratling gunners and flamers. They shouldn’t be able to target you if you’re 2ish seconds into invisibility though.


Looks like that’s the answer to your question, unfortunately this game is so client-unfriendly that’s not even funny, I’ve had a lot of shіt happening to me as a client, that i’ve never experienced as host.


Yes. Precisely. Blightstorms also don’t seem to care about your invisibility sometimes, and neither do lords. Death rattler is apparently also very fond of ignoring any kind of stealth ability.

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As well as some gunners.

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Sure, but they shouldn’t follow your path anymore. Thats what I observed with ratling gunners.

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To make it clear: I am not talking about them tracking you after going invisible if they did before. That is also an issue. I am talking about hooks literally yanking you while you’re invisible for a good 2 to 3 seconds. They run past you, ignoring you and then out of nowhere turn around and yank you.


For real! It’s especially bad right now. A buddy and I will flip for who gets stuck playing client.

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