Roaming enemies sometimes disappear or are replaced

I’ve seen this 5 or 6 times now and it’s happened with specifically Maulers nearly every time.
The enemy is just existing, minding their business and when a player gets close their existence gets erased or replaced.

3 Mauler videos

You have to look very closely to left half of the video here

And 1 clan rat getting replaced/transformed into a different clan rat.
Which may be something entirely different.

Edit: Another enemy just got erased from existence


Yeah, it’s a known thing.

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Interesting to look through the thread.

But I do wonder why this issue seems to be more common with Maulers specifically.

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Thank you for having video proof. Hope this gets fixed.

Did you also encounter enemies appearing behind you or infront of you swinging at you?


Sometimes I’d swear enemies backstab me out of nowhere despite already having cleared/checked behind me. But I never saved those since I don’t have definitive proof of it happening.

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THIS RIGHT HERE. Oh man the amount of times a sh1tty little hit chunks my health from something that I SWEAR appeared inside my pocket to stab me. I thought I was losing my mind.


Yea, sometimes enemies can drop from above or somewhere, not always the bug happening.

Its difficult to spot though, i agree. only way would be to see it happening on teammates, or have an enemy appear infront of you.

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Speaking of which, I think these 3 videos might be examples of what we’re talking about.

Edit: New video


Onhost blink strike Mauler

Client view

Mauler appearing in previously cleared area and blink strike attempts

Also Mauler appearing from previously cleared area


Those are exactly what i mean, thank you for having all those clips!

Is it possible that in the third clip a sv dropped from someone above? Not sure if possible.
The second clip is the clearest and what i was encountering.

The other videos are corrupted or something. I’m unable to see them.

I can see the clip from the mauler teleporting.
I’m not sure if it’s enemies teleporting in my case, it’s exactly like the second clip of harridas, they just appear insta swinging. But maybe it’s also a teleport just a very quick one? Not sure, the more clips the better though.

Also @Harridas @DameArstor do you remember when those clips were recorded. Might help give an idea for the devs.

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Seems like twitch links are broken when it’s being embedded here.The clips themselves are fine outside of it

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I feel like it happens more the faster you move through a level? Had disappearing and reappearing enemies happen seemingly more frequently when I was rushing some levels with bots to do some Okri’s. Also my CPU is fairly mediocre (i5-7500) and I recently turned a few CPU intensive graphics options up so that may play into it?

This has been happening for a long time. Definitely on launch, unsure about Closed Beta Test (it was a wild blur).

I’ve seen Maulers spawn in and they won’t react to anyone then disappear again. I don’t record my games but I haven’t seen as many Magic Maulers in MY games since 2018 so I’m completely unsure what is causing it to happen.

I have, however, seen it happen MANY times this year while watching streamers.

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Definitely have had this stuff happen to me a bunch…playing on high ping pretty much guarantees you’re just gonna get hit too when it happens :upside_down_face:


Damn it, I had like 5 videos or so of enemies displacing after getting hit just like in DameArstor’s video. But I deleted all those because I didn’t think they’d be worth saving.
It might be a seperate issue, or they might be connected, I don’t know.

All videos I have take place rougly between 1 day and 1 week before their YT upload date.

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Just block it. haha :innocent:

Also this spot, on Blood In The Darkness, is where I’ve seen enemies appear (not behind people) multiple times.

It’s the wooden ramp, after the first Tome- you cross the bridge and walk to the end of the large cavern. The ramp there.


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