Disappearing enemies

Issue Summary:
I’ve reported this before, but since that thread was “archived” I have no idea whether it was acknowledged, “not-a-bug”-ed, or fixed and regressed, so I’m creating this thread again.


I’ve noticed this a lot lately, I’ve even had enemies disappear after I hit them lol. Also, enemies appearing out of no where too. Had a hookrat spawn less than half a meter in-front of me, literally almost on top of me. It was already doing the grab animation when it spawned.

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Happened to me too on few runs.
Can be connected to host performance in my cases, as they admitted to having potato PC.
Kruber and I (wiz) valiantly fought wave of rats appearing and disappearing at 0.5s intervals.
Seemed connected to our movement and distance.

Not connected to potato pc for me. Not having any cpu or gpu related issues but this happen occasionally since last patch.

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