Shade invisibility and tracking still not fixed

Hello, this bug is being reported since CW update which came with some invi talent according to players, which mean july.
It’s been reported already and yet to be fixed.

Invi and tracking

For those who don’t understand how bad this is, try to backstab an enemy who follow you while you are invisible and can attack you as soon you’re visible.

All you have to do is hit something before being invisible.


and the shade ult bug if you are playing with dual weapons :wink: dont forget this one

Can you elaborate ? because i have some suspicions but i haven’t tested enough

With cloak of pain you should be able to stay in stealth because it triggers infiltrate a second time. But if you are using dual weapons the one attack often counts as 2 ( for example dagger heavy attacks) because both weapons hit the target at once.

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Is it a client thing then ?
i got something similar once or twice doing true solo but nothing consistent

It is not consistent but it occurs as host and as non-host. But when i am not hosting it occurs more often.

This explains the wonky behaviour I was having recently when I came back to finish my Shade challenges for Chaos Wastes. I still don’t understand how FS manages to break some many things with each larger update. It’s like the devs have no idea how to properly use version control on sourcetree/gitlab or whatever service they’re using to manage their dev branches. It’s not even funny anymore. Especially after the tidal wave of reintroduced bugs when Winds of Magic released.

This issue has now been potentially fixed by a mod.


Sadly the mod isnt sanctioned :frowning:

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Same thing with Bardin and Kruber’s ult…

Can this please get fixed already? It’s been MONTHS

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