Infiltrate fail bug still a biggie

Shade/maiden being seen while invisible and targeted.
Before Elf patch they used to instastop- this voided ping catch up issues.

Ping can cause this to happen- high ping and the shading doesn’t register with the enemies, 200+ ping meaning half a mob is gonna follow you continually stabbing for anything up to 6 seconds I’ve clocked so far before SOME of them change target.
Happens a lot when not hosting- even below 100 ping. But happens 1/4 or so times when host.
This was an old bug, can’t remember when it got fixed originally, but it’s been happening since the Elf overhaul patch.

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It was specifically the Be’lakor update that introduced this issue.
I haven’t had this bug happen to me as host since ToT, it might be client-specific now?
Or I got lucky or something idk.

Edit: Nevermind it’s still an issue regardless of whether you host or not

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I get this issue a lot while playing Ranger Veteran and Huntsman too right as I use my ability.

More often though, instead of landing hits, they just follow me while I’m invisible and continuously attack and cancel their attack at the last moment. This causes the alert sound of “you’re about to take a hit” to proc constantly. Then, there are times when they do “see me” and land a hit on me while I’m invisible, even taking me down.

Other weird things on career ability, as Warrior Priest and last man standing, I’ve simultaneously been taken down and used my career ability. I was just invincible while downed. As Grail Knight and Foot Knight, perhaps this is normal (probably shouldn’t be), but right as I use my ult, a little push from an elite or attack interrupts my ult, causing me to just waste the entire ability. A monster will often attack mid-swing or charge from GK or FK and end your ult, even with Battering Ram on FK; seems awfully deflating. With any ability that staggers nearby enemies, often they will continue attacking anyone close to them while staggered. So, if you’re close to them when an ally uses an ability to stagger, you get this weird rushed attack animation out of an elite as they recover from being staggered (like a black rat doing an overhead insta-down) with little to no warning.

This issue has now been potentially fixed by a mod.

Nice, if it works perhaps FS can do a quick implementation maybe. Obviously nobody who plays these classes wants to stay in modded realm.

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