Shade Vanish Issues

Note: I’ve been taking a break on playing Kruber and going through the other careers to complete the 100 mission hat challenges so I’m not entirely sure how a lot of these new talents work as I haven’t played any of these other careers since 2018.


Issue #1:
Vanish seems to also work on critters (pigs and non-combat rats) even though they are technically not enemies. Not sure if this is intended but it is quite hilarious so I thought I would mention it.

Issue #2:
The visual for the Vanish talent keeps popping up on my screen randomly even when I don’t kill an enemy with a backstab or kill any enemy at all. I’m not sure if it’s just a visual bug or if it’s a delayed reaction after I do kill enemies but it only appears to happen when I’m over 200 ping.

Example A: I would randomly get the Vanish visual when killing enemies from the front. Not entirely sure what’s causing this at all.

Example B: I would randomly get the Vanish visual when just walking about with no enemies around. I’m pretty sure it’s just a connectivity issue and might be delayed from a previous backstab kill but, again, I’m unsure.

I would like to know if anyone else who does play Shade with the Vanish talent if they randomly get the Vanish visual without killing enemies from behind and hopefully can explain what’s actually causing it.

Scrounger procs off of critters and you can also get thp from them.So I’d say it’s intended?

For this one I’m not too sure as it could be Blood Drinker buff that’s also causing the same visual feedback.I do play on 250-330 ping alot and always ran with Vanish+Blood Drinker+Mist.

Vanish proc shouldn’t be delayed by more than 1s unless you’re having some extreme connectivity/packet loss issues,like the one where your killfeed is delayed by 2s or more before things register as dead.

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Yeah, I use Spring-Heeled Assassin and Cloak of Pain instead of Blood Drinker and Mist so that can’t be it. I have no idea what is actually causing it but the only thing that is the same is that it happens when I’m over 200 ping. I don’t notice it when I’m below it.

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