Severe Crashes on Mission End

Several logs of this crash (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG & DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET mostly):
console-2021-08-12-00.51.19-7dca27e2-0287-4c0d-a26a-2b6201945986.log (1.5 MB)
console-2021-08-11-06.09.10-75acd40d-481d-4ba2-ba80-dade8a82d572.log (6.9 KB)
console-2021-08-11-03.45.48-923b8993-a81a-42aa-83c8-5042fefe15c0.log (335.5 KB)

I’ve had severe crashes while on the post-mission screen, before you return to the keep, and occasionally on mission load screen. Each time, the crash completely turns off video, and restarting the computer also results in a black screen, until I unplug & plug-in my GPU. This issue ONLY occurs for Vermintide 2; other programs or normal computer restart do NOT cause this. These crashes occurred with & without mods.

I have tried a whole host of solutions & none have resoled the issue, see below. I have to assume it’s a Vermintide 2 specific issue.

  • In Vermintide 2 settings, changed max workers to 6, lowered resolution, changed DirectX version.
  • Check GPU/CPU temperatures during play & crashes. All temps normal.
  • Updated Nvidia drivers (two versions now)
  • Updated Windows
  • Updated chipset drivers
  • Set high performance power settings
  • Disabled overclocking
  • In BIOS, set PCI link speed to Gen3 from Auto (which matches my GPU)

None of these worked, and like I said the issue ONLY occurs when playing Vermintide 2 on the mission load or mission end screens.

It sounds like you’ve exhausted all of our usual solutions, something about your GPU isn’t playing well with Vermintide 2 and an issue of this nature would be better suited for somebody that can physically inspect the PC. Consider the PSU and whether it may be lacking in power or operating inadequately. Would you like me to contact Steam and request that they refund you?

Thank you for the reply!

The issue started getting worse after I posted this to the point where it was crashing during normal internet browsing. I think the GPU just died, but thankfully I can get a replacement through a warranty.

Thank you for the offer to refund, but I don’t know anymore if this was Vermintide 2’s fault, the GPU dying on its own, or some weird interaction between the two. I appreciate the help!

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