Server Based Actions and Registration is a problem

Dodging, Swapping Weapons, Hit Registration (Melee & Ranged), Projectile creation and many other factors of the game are Server Based actions.

This creates a problem where dodging a trapper or poxhound (Mostly pox hounds) becomes inconsistent.

Dodging a pox hound with the same weapon, on the same character for around 3-4 hours total in public games, my dodges have been timed practically the same with the audio queue of the pox hound’s pounce and I have dodged them a total of 17 times out of 68.

Asking a few friends to do the same test resulted in almost the same amount of % and all of them did find it Frustrating that despite their near perfect timing and differing dodge time testing it was all rather inconsistent depending on if the server decided it was having a good day. (Mutants seem to have absolutely no issues when it comes to dodging them, it’s rare that dodging them results in being grabbed, but it has definitely happened here and there.)

On top of this i’ve had a few issues where animations would jitter and repeat themselves from the start as if my client is being told by the server that my action was delayed or did not register correctly, and thus tells me to redo the action.

Hitting enemies with melee has sometimes resulted in hit sounds, blood splatters and confirmations being played but no damage or stagger being dealt at all. This happens a lot when Chainsaw swording a Mutant after dodging it and attacking it as it passes.

This all can occur with sliding too, If you slide a little bit after the ranged flash you see from ranged enemies you can be shot out of the slide and instantly stand up with a flinch. To compensate for the server having a bad time you sometimes have to almost perfectly slide as SOON as the flash happens.

Weapon swapping glitched out one time jittering back and forth, being completely unable to swap weapons for almost a full 4 seconds. Yes this got all of us killed.

Firing a projectile from say, a psykers staff primary fire, depending on how the servers feeling can cause the projectile to appear and fly towards the eye angles of the player when they pressed the button, and sometimes follow the eye angles of the player perfectly and shoot out exactly where you are looking when the projectile is created.

Apologies if I sound or seem frustrated by any of this, I’m not. I’m enjoying Darktide I just wanted to make this known as an issue and i’m hoping to hear from someone about this issue so i can know and figure out more. Thank you for your time!


This is becoming increasingly infuriating to me. Thankfully they acknowledged it (Or at least Aqshy did) in this topic I made.

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Thank you for showing me this, I’m glad they’re somewhat acknowledging it. I do hope that I still get a reply to this post but what you linked does give me hope.

Hello! I’m moving this thread to Gameplay Feedback, if you don’t mind, as I believe it will be seen by more appropriate eyes there and find a better home.

These kinds of general networking issues are not caused by specific bugs (to my understanding) but by non-perfect connections and the netcode doing what it can.

If ~60ms (From what I can tell of my connection) or so is considered “non perfect” I’m not really sure what to say. I linked various videos showing massive issues such as the plague ogryn warping into walls and whatnot. (You can even see me comment in that video to the other two random players about the servers breaking and them agreeing) Blaming our connections feels disingenuous. It’s not an issue with the players’ connections unless there’s some bizarre background issues going on, as the problems happen to everybody the majority of the time.

On that same token, why exactly are things like weapon swaps not client side? It’s one thing to not register a hit (Though even that should be client side IMO, I’ll take one person slipping past EAC once in a blue moon over stabbing something in the head only for it to not care at all) but when I can’t even switch my weapon because the server says no that’s some really janky feeling gameplay. I had one moment I tried to swap weapons 5 times in a row and it just refused to stick so instead I was awkwardly firing my revolver and burned through my entire 5 shots.

Thank you for replying but… Well, see above. It’s a serious, serious issue that’s really hurting the game for me. (That and the limited map selection)


@Aqshy Sorry to bug you again but I saw you mention in another topic that you’re having a meeting coming up (And now I’m being a jerk and calling it out to serve my own interests insert mad cackling) but is there any chance you could try to bring up the issues people are having with the networking if possible again? As you saw in the other topic/this one/probably others there’s definitely some… buggery going on. I’m partially making this post just because I’m getting very close to my last nerve with things like this, for reference the frame I get ‘shot’ on:

That’s just… not okay, with enemies that remove all of your toughness and chunk you an insane amount on higher difficulties. Going through a smooth run where I barely take damage even on damnation then going down due to things like that absolutely slaughters my desire to play at all. If I die due to screw ups of my own and whatnot? Fine. But I’d rather feel like I’m fighting enemies than the server.

(Also I know it’s an absolute pipe dream but if you brought up having P2P as an option, even if just for private lobbies, that would be great)

Thanks again for at least acknowledging it in the first place on that Reddit topic, I’m frustrated because I like the game on the whole, not because I’m trying to hate on it.

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I had a friggin poxburster go through a wall earlier today lol

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It’s the weapon swap getting dropped that really irritates me.

Weirdly when I notice it completely ignoring my quickswap input, if I use the number keys to manually swap it works right away. Super jank

edit: I was actually completely 100% wrong and you can’t circumvent it by manually selecting weapon key, all swap just breaks

I’ve had this on Malice missions without Hi-Intensity, without a ton of enemies, it may just be bad individual servers in some cases?

To be fair in that case, that’s not a latency issue, just jank :upside_down_face:

But yeah, I was sitting there going “Guess I’ll try one mission” and then I had the most broken server yet. Game bugged out and had a continual horde throughout the entire latter half of the map (Had that happen before on the same event type, something is broken with decryption events) and then by the finale the server just broke down. Abilities not going off, sticky weapons, hit reg issues, repeating animations, the whole nine yards.

On the plus side this is helping me achieve zen as I attempt to make peace with how broken it is.

I’m just going to leave this here:

See around 2m56s to see me just absolutely losing my mind over all the issues (The breaking point being sticky weapons right there) and then the depressing hilarity that was my ability also bugging out as icing on the cake. That entire finale was infuriatingly bad. And once again not just me, it was everybody in the match. (Ignore the one dude being… weird)

EDIT: Just leaving this here 2.0:

The servers are absolutely busted tonight or something.

EDIT2: Seriously, what is wrong with the servers? Pretty much every non-low intensity damnation match the servers implode at least once. (At one point the entire server/game crashed for everyone, that was fun)

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I had some pretty intense lag last night around midnight GMT+8 where weapon switching was unreliable, movement stuck and was erratic, and enemies warping all over the place.

Similar issues here, yesterday 11PM, GMT+4, Asia servers (I guess). Multiple network/server issues, floating enemies, unsynchronized, only bots, failure to join.
Unless something went wrong on a node of the network route (nothing wrong locally afaik), the servers must have been struggling.
Not the best experience obviously but so far it’s been very uncommon.

This is fine, Thank you for moving the thread. My apologies for placing it in the wrong spot in the first place.

I do hope these issues can be fixed, it’s rather frustrating to get these issues when the game demands you to be so active/perfect ALL the time.

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