Fix your damn servers

Tired of shooting and hitting enemies and having it not registered.
Tired of getting shot by snipers at the same time the sound cue rings.
Tired of pushing the burster and not being registered.
Tired of swapping to my melee weapon to realize that the swap wasn’t registered.

For how much more time will this go without a fix?


good luck with that. this will never get fixed, its part of how engine works and its too late and too complicated to change everything around netcode

maybe it will be addressed in darktide 2 in 5 years

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The servers are really bad. Snipers hitting you when their laser wasnt pointed at you, dogs and mutants force grabbing you, shots not registering, it’s crazy

Well they better do fix it and soon.

All the systems that surround the gameplay are awful and frustrating. Now the (already very repetitive) gameplay has problems like this that cause a lot more of frustration… I’m really not seeing many reasons to keep playing.

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thats the reason i dont play too much, 5 games a week max. this week i have not even logged in.

I would love this game to be fixed, but … it just gets sillier every release

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