The lag in this game is a joke.

Fix it.

I need to be able to see my ms in the game I’m playing in. Why isn’t that visible to me? Ping is very important in a game like this.

I’m never buying a game your involved in ever again I swear…


Performance and stability is so bad for me since the crafting update. Gotten to the point where if I can’t get into a game without crashing or disconnecting within three tries I just stop wasting time trying to play for the day. Lucky to get one run in before I hit three strikes and am done. Lag and hit detection seems a lot worse too, especially on higher difficulties, and I’m well above minimum system specs.

If the supposed big March update doesn’t come with some big fixes for these problems Darktide is going back on the shelf for a while. Just embarrassing that this game isn’t considered Early Access.


I’m so tilted right now I had to delete a massive rage post in block caps

Yeh I hear that F this


Also, hit registration issues are very common for me.

With my lasgun, i can 1 shot all non-tag-able enemies with non crit headshots.
However, in mission, it is quite common, that i 100% hit something in the head (even makes the headshot sound) but the enemy does not take damage and die.
Especially when playing veteran, this is pretty noticeable.

I assume that the same thing also happens with bodyshots, but it is harder to tell, since hitting different parts of the body deals different amounts of damage and leads to different numbers of shots required to kill.

Also, now that i already talk about shooting, i might as well mention this:
Sometimes, when shooting (or just standing) the gun starts vibrating like crazy (not regular sway, not caused by enemies), which makes aiming pretty much impossible.
In some cases this was likely due to the floor having collision issues or something, but sometimes this also happens when standing on a seemingly flat surface.
The most common place seems to be any kind of train tracks.

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Its all one and the same. A simple test before work join a match and try to swap your weapon the instant you join. It will swap instantly. Then try the same thing after work when servers have more people on and count how many failed attempts to swap weapon. Packet loss high latency whatever you want to call it this game has it and considering how small the active player base is… imagine if this game had 50 thousand active players.

I’ve seen people lagging so badly they fell of the very first edge directly opposite spawn. Everyone’s seen that one guy that takes 2 mins to start moving at the start of the mission or the dude who d/c’s three times in one mission.

There’s a ton of evidence everyone who’s playing this game will have noticed it. After everything else these “expletive redacted” have done they cant even host a clean game. The only thing ive been tempted to get the mod for is the ping monitor.

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I ping 52ms to AWS servers, add server process/data centre latency and I’m around 80avg in Darktide, I have moments where I stab enemies up to 3 times in the head with duelling swords before one registers, it’s very frequent and it’s rage inducing, I’ve killed trash and magically in It’s place another appears as if it were inside the last one, I see enemies popping in and out of existence right in front of my eyes sometimes even single enemies popping in behind teammates, backstab sounds not working, clearly dodging muties, netters or hounds but still being hit, seeing all my health and shield removed in one frame to be downed, hell I’ve been in cover with no enemies anywhere near me and just died??. Enemies roller skating 10+ metres at you from around corners in straight lines etc, so many of them do it at random times that they are impossible to dodge lol.

The server performance is worse than its ever been and it seems to be progressively declining with each tweak or update. I have no packet loss, a minimal amount of jitter (0.14ms), use an ISP that prioritises game data and finds shortest routes with the least hops etc and I also have QoS settings on my router set up to prioritize game data no matter what is going on in the household internet wise.

I thought the p2p in vermintide was bad but it’s lightyears ahead of what they’ve done with dedicated/live servers. Fatshark really need to do a massive pass on their networking, it’s very close to driving me away from the game.

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I opened a separate ticket regarding this. I noticed this on the trauma staff. It is most noticeable when enemies have been knocked down and are in the process of getting back on their feet, and also when they are staggered while running. There seems to be a brief window where they are immune from ranged attacks. Brain burst still seems to land just fine, but ranged attacks with weapons can hit the target and seemingly do nothing.

I have no evidence for it… but I think whatever they do to delay back-to-back staggers (as in, if you stagger an enemy, the animation has to reset before you can stagger again) affects the damage input of said enemy.

What i mentioned regarding hit registration, also happens with ambient enemies that are just standing around and have not been interfered with before.

That is why it is so noticeable.

A dude is standing there.
I pop him one in the head and it makes the nice „pop“ sound.
Dude awakens from his slumber and starts running.

Also happens on „untouched“ enemies that are already running.

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This might be affected by the action queuing issues. This was a problem in V2 also. There were some attempts to address some of these issues already, but its far from fixed.

Can agree about the lag, it’s not really a consistent stutter or anything but the number of flat out dropped hits and even dropped inputs are staggering.

As stated further up the thread ive also hit people in the back who are just standing there, heard the hit, saw the blood, and they are just standing there.

It gets even worse with slower swinging weapons because it becomes really noticeable when a heavy swing just does nothing to a horde enemy.

server networking seems to be problematic often:

  • you throw a grenade and it disappears into the warp and never explodes even though it clearly was thrown
  • you go to press F to ult in a difficult situation but it’s not recognized and you die
  • reload your weapon but it’s not reloaded

and from looking at the console logs, they do indeed use AWS, which is weird because I have at best case 40 ping to their server, I live really close to the largest cluster of AWS datacenters in the world, other games that use AWS I have 6-10ms ping, Darktide gets 40. WTF?

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Yeh ive noticed that too, I thought they fell through a crack in the floor or something :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the hit registrations are so trash right now. Also, it’s extremely tilting when you’re trying to push a hound or dodge it and you can’t because of lag. Hounds are basically unavoidable right now in my opinion unless you are lucky with positioning.

PS. Audio queues are still so wonky for dogs. I don’t understand what is so hard to fix.


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