Select one of Each class

Playing through Darktide, one thing that I noticed is that the runs go much, much smoother if there’s one of each class in the game.

I don’t know what additional classes/subclasses are going to look like. If they’re going to be stepping outside of what ‘roles’ the current ones have. If they are going to be fairly similar, then I’d like an option to only create/join lobbies that have one of each. TBH I’m tired of having lobbies filled with 3 preachers and 1 psyker or something along those lines.


It’s honestly such a pain to play in teams with 3 of each class, to the point that I just instantly leave such lobbies. The game definitely works a lot better when there’s one of each class.

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Hrm… a con of playing with randoms perhaps.

I personally enjoy that they make multiples of the same class allowed in Darktides. It allows the group to tailor what they need for the mission set. Going into a ventilation mission where visibility is a no-go ‘suggests’ a more heavier focus on melee classes.

It definitely spices things up, not the mention the fact it speeds up matchmaking considerably. (Not that its a huge concern of mine)


That is a great idea, I’d totally wait an extra 5 minutes in queue to get a lobby with 1 of each class. Maybe it could be a little checkbox we tick when setting up the mission, so most people can default to quick lobbies with whoever.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing having that option, but it got old for me quick.

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