Option for "1 of each class" matchmaking

While I know it would increase the wait time for people using this option, I do believe alot of people would be happy not ending up with 3 Ogryns making it pretty much impossible to shoot anything exept for your own team.

I’m not personally too bothered since I’m playing Ogryn myself and a 4 Ogryn memesquad is stupid in the best of ways, but I can imagine how miserable it has to be for something like a Veteran player.

It would also be nice for people who don’t want to have their own class in the party for, well reasons I guess, to have an option to not end up in a squad with a duplicate(s) class, or just for the sake of having class variety in your squad.


Please, YES.

And also have any bots fulfil an empty role, instead of being a class that’s already in the group.


The differences between the classes aren’t big enough for this to be an issue. At the end of the day, the goal is to get to the end of the mission as efficiently as possible without dying. The way you go about doing this does not change dramatically between the different classes, it’s still a meta of dishing out as much damage as possible while taking as little damage as possible.

I’m on the fence about this opinion.

On one hand it makes sense thematically and with Coherency being a thing (and not stacking, far as I can tell).

On the other hand it’s more of a class-balance issue. There are clear issues with suppression, dodging, trappers (they need to be like Hookrats and make noise as they move), specials spawning out of line of sight or in unreachable areas, Psyker is clunky, Ogryn was designed by a person with the wisdom of a single celled orgnism, etc.

Once these things are addressed or tweaked then I’d look at this idea and maybe come to a conclusion. As of right now it’s far too early to make that call.

My friend there is a world of difference in how a 4-Ogyrn team will approach a mission in comparison to a 4-Veteran team.

Oh yes there very much is. Very much, not having a vet to just melt bosses is a big deal, not having a zelot to be a meat shield is a big deal, not having an ogryn to rez in hordes is a big deal. Not haveing a psyker to…exist…is a big deal…kinda.

No there isn’t. You kill everything in front of you on your way to the end of the mission. The method does not change dramatically between the different classes, and what you’re actually doing (killing everything in front of you on your way to the end of the mission) definitely does not change.

You’re simplifying things down to their barest essentials. Of course you kill everything in front of you no matter what - but the classes in the mission heavily influence how difficult certain aspects of that will be.

A 4-Veteran team would easily deal with specials and elites. But when it comes to mixed hordes and hordes in general, they would be more likely to struggle.

Conversely, hordes and some of the lighter-armored elites and specials wouldn’t be much of a problem for a 4-Ogyrn team. But ranged trash mobs, bulkier elites (Crushers, etc.) and longer ranged specials like Snipers and Bombers would pose far more of a threat and be more likely to influence a wipe.

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I don’t understand what you’re disagreeing with me on here. This thread is about the inclusion of a support class, I said a support class would be a poor idea as the design of this game centers around dishing out damage as quickly as possible. When you simplify things down to their barest essentials, a support class is simply not suited to this type of game. You’re not even tackling my point on everyone doing the same stuff, you’re just listing what different class combinations would be more specialized in killing, which is obvious.

EDIT: I’ve lost my mind, this isn’t the thread I thought it was

I think you’ve misunderstood the thread or mixed it up with another one? :sweat_smile:

The OP is asking for an option to have restrictions on class-based matchmaking so that you don’t end up with duplicates in your party. He’s not asking for a “support” class.

You then said that duplicates don’t matter enough for this to be an issue because the “meta” is still to kill things.

My reply to that then pointed out how duplicate classes can influence the difficulty of clearing missions (i.e., how effectively they can deal with certain targets) in specific ways.

I think you’ve misunderstood the thread or mixed it up with another one? :sweat_smile:

Jesus Christ I’m losing it, I apologize I thought I was in another thread where I was making effectively the same argument lmao my bad

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