Can we have the option to have one class each in games?

As much as I love getting an all psyker squad or ogryn squad I am stuck wondering why isnt the option to have a rigid class structure in the game? Was there that much negative feedback in vermintide against it that you did a 180? Anyways I like that you can have multiple of the same characters in a game but on higher tier missions it can really make or break your run, just the option to do this would be awesome, why does it have to be one or the other?

More options in general for matchmaking would be nice. I understand it would make things take longer, but even just two options to tick when matchmaking would be nice:

✓ Wait for more players (Only go into a lobby with at least one more player than your current party size, IE: If you’re alone it won’t leave the Mourningstar without at least one other, with a party of two you’ll only leave once you’ve gotten 3 total, etc)

✓ Favor varied party composition (I’m hesitant to say forced varied composition as it would get messy with parties and whatnot in play, EG: You’re solo queued and an optimal matched party is two zealots and a psyker while you’re playing veteran, along with the fact that matchmaking is already screwy at higher difficulties)

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