Class Variety in Matchmaking

I’ve had about 5 games in a row now, 4 of which there has been a 3 stack of 1 class. I played a game with 3 Ogryns, followed by 2 games with 3 Psykers, a mixed game and then and 1 game with 3 veterans

I love the freedom and variety of these games, when they happen infrequently, and I love that the 1 person per class limit from VT2 has been removed. But I really feel like the matchmaking system isn’t even trying to bring 1 of each class into ‘most’ games, one of the psyker games, all 3 of us had the same voice actor, and it was jarring to hear the same voicelines from 3 character.

The voicelines is a smaller and less important point, but it still effects the general immersion of the game.

I think it would be beneficial if the matchmaking system at least tried to give each match a better class spread, I’m sure there is a decent amount of people playing each class in order to make this mostly feasible.


Sorry for you mate. We where 3 friends and had the one missing class in 3 matches

Wow that doesnt sque the results when youre already a 3 man team with different classes.

I believe the matching-making already tries to achieve the class representation when searching for players, however to lower the frustration for ADHD kids it probably timeouts that condition fairly quickly, so you don’t wait for a new match too long.

I would love if Fatshark added am optional tick-box to the matchmaking screen, call it “Prefer class variety”. If you tick it, then the matchmaking system would search for far longer before giving up on the class variety.

ALSO it would be great if you could change your class on the match read-up screen, where at the moment you can change your weapons and talents.

I really feel that people who just jump into a game without any gaming buddies, miss out a lot on the gameplay experience because they end up in matches full of psykers or veterans. One of the reasons why I play Ogryn a lot. In my experience it is under-represented class in the game and rather crucial on higher difficulties if you want a less painful match.