Matchmaking the same Classes

Please don’t allow 4 of any class to play together in random queue.

Played a game with 4 Psykers and it was absolutely silly as we all tried to BB and shoot our staffs at the same time. Psyker plays a very specific “role” and outside that role they have extreme weaknesses especially due to some BB and Talent issues. So you throw 4 Psykers together randomly who are basically built all the same(as if there were choices) and used to playing the same role in a group it just does not work. Lots of CC, lots of horde clear, no quick DPS, no quick elite/special kills, the same short range F, locked down force sword animations, low health, etc etc etc.

Imagine 4 BW Sienna’s in the same match…it would either be absolutely OP or hilariously sad as they got slaughtered depending on the difficulty played.

Considering that BW is actually good and Psyker just sad, I don’t think you can even attempt to make that comparison. In general I believe that having four of the same class in one team can work, but only under the premise that the classes can deal with all possible threats in some way. Now keeping in mind that Darktide likes to shoehorn you into roles this doesn’t work, but because this game was basically advertised with free class choice and team comp as a feature, I highly doubt Fatshark will change that.