Secondary Attack on Surge Staff visual effects

I am playing this on 43" at 4k resolution and need to use FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 in ultra performance mode to get playable framerates (normally that means scaled up 720p). The visual effect that the secondary attack of the surge staff causes while charging, gets massively distorted by the FSR feature. Even though it looks nice without FSR enabled, there needs to be an option to turn that visual effect/distortion off, or maybe have it turn off automatically when FSR 2 is enabled. It really is close to unbearable and far from the desired effect.

Game settings: Medium (with motion blurr off)
GTX 1080 Ti
i5 13600k@5.3ghz

PS: I am not talking about the electricity, which is fine. It is the heat like distortion, which i mean.