I like the Surge Staff VFX

Unpopular opinion I know, but I have no problem with it. I can see everything just fine through the lightning and the distortion.

I’m not saying it isn’t hard for other people, I’m just talking about my own opinion specifically. I can definitely see it can be seizure-inducing for others.

I like too. A lot actually, looks awesome. But you cant see anything. And you are using the charge almost all the time.

Ah, maybe it’s because I play at 4k resolution on an ultra-wide monitor…

Yea. It needs to change.

I play 1440p. These are just some screencaps from videos I took. I dont think resolution matters.

It feels very powerful, but I do feel like they can clean it up a bit. It’s a little too crowded of an effect, between the blur, the filter, the light flashing AND the particle effects.

I don’t mind new VFX. It looked awful though, until I turned LOD video setting to the maximum value (VFX textures affected by LOD?). Afterwards it was quite nice.