Surge staff vfx is dangerous (People with photophobia do not use the surge staff)

People who have eye problems such as sensitivity to bright lights or epilepsy will not be able to have a safe experience using the new staff vfx. God forbid someone with epilepsy has a seizure. I am asking fat shark to immediately patch this out. I personally have a sensitivity to bright lights and i felt sick after using the surge staff for one mission. I can’t imagine someone with worse eye problems than me playing using this new vfx.


Could not even finish one mission with it. Thought my display settings had reverted. The sadness and disbelief to realize this was intentional and not toggle able was visceral and real.

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I have photophobia and i actually felt sick after playing half a mission with it with my blue light filter set to the maximum it can eliminate.


Please folks, if you think this is silly or not real just take a moment with our pal Google and look up some info. This is a serious issue that could cause you and other people a medical emergency.

Don’t use the staff. If you want to see what it looks like just pull up a vid on Youtube and keep the video small so it isn’t flashing your whole screen.

Play safe folks! Darktide and Fatshark is not worth your health.


I really feel like we are owed an apology for this it’s not even headlining on the launcher still. I know people with eye conditions aren’t really a tremendous majority but still from a company that claims to care about their players this is really serious. I thought fatshark of all companies given their history to accommodate gamers with disabilities in the past would have thought this through more.

Still no psa on the launcher warning people of the potential damage to their eyes will post later if this changes. Stay safe to all those gamers with eye problems and remember to avoid using the surge staff until this gets fixed.

On a more constructive note, one of the problems is the intensity of the flashing light, but that could be mitigated be making it flash from full to half or 3/4s intensity since it’s constant lightning, because the lightning particle is constant. That way it won’t be such a bright flashing but you still get the changing light levels the change seems to be going for.

If this is read at all, I would like to make this an optional thing.

Visual full (with less blur though)
Visual less

Because I do like the new lightning effects. The blur as it is now is just detrimental to see what is happening.

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I apologize for my staff, but I don’t really have much other choices… It’s either blue lightning or blue flames and I do like my palpatine…

i like the new VFX but i understand you, i hope they can make an option to turn effects off for the people that have legit problems or they simply dont like flash stuff.

but also an option that remains for the people that dont mind it

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I vote for options for this.

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I don’t have any issues with my vision and I still find the Surge staff to be atrocious on the eyes. My head starts to hurt eventually, but probably more due to the fact, THAT I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!
This is such an idiotic change, who thought that this was great, maybe if it was 20% of the intensity of what it is right now it would be fine, but this is absolutely insane.
I thought the force sword or the purgatus obscured your vision, but this is truly next level.


I want to thank fatshark for patching out the vfx effect. This change is greatly appreciated.