Seasonal content?

I think the success story of DRG can be directly borrowed plus Darktide is live serviced model. Nowadays I don’t see any better ways to keep a minimum 10k+ daily players for years than providing with free earnable cosmetics+ special challenges every few months especially for holliday themes.

So is some form of this is planned? can we get a confirmation?

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Well they’re aiming for one class every quarter(assume paid dlc for now) + free maps.
No official information but we can make an informed guess.

They haven’t finished crafting yet so that’s coming. They still haven’t hit the advertised 70+ weapons so there’s something in development there. There are many finished but unreleased cosmetics, most of those will be paid content.

Basically the first half of next year will be them finishing the game and calling it additional content.

Long term I think they might make like 1 map a year and release a mission for it each quarter. Classes will probably end up being paid content even if the early ones are free. The most frequent updates will be premium shop cosmetics to milk the whales.


I prefer paid dlc/expansion more often and not wait 6 months or years for each free little thing

I get what you’re saying, but the example he gives of DRG offers a good amount. And while that might be an unfair comparison, as DRG is a really really good game with devs who arent focused on ripping you off at least some things can hopefully be learned and implemented from their success.

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