Season 3 coming on June 23

Different weather on the maps? That sounds cool. I’m wondering if that weather is going to have effects on the in game environment? I.E on Empire in Flames when you’re going through the burning houses, will the rain/snow put that out? Also, will this weather carry over to the DLC maps? You said Hemlgart, but thought I’d ask.

Really excited for this new season!


In what ever way they explain Kruber’s new career, a Grail Knight being part of the Ubersreik 5 means that they are becoming stronger, i.e. capable of taking on higher enemies like Vampires and Daemons. That’s huge potential for future happenings.

I see.

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Holy cr@p. This is waaaay more stuff than I expected at this point in time. Sounds really good!

But I’m very suprised about this new carreer choice. I’ll admit, if somebody told me yesterday that Grail Knight Kruber would be the new carreer, I’d not have believed that at all. So many questions…

Like, how will it play differently from Footknight, mechanically? And how will it be explained (or handwaved…) how simple soldier and Taal worshipper Kruber from the Empire, becomes a bloody Brettonian noble hero?! I mean, I really don’t see how that happens… That Lady saw Krub’s great deeds in Übersreik and blessed him just like that? I just can’t see yet how such a thing could ever happen lorewise… And you can’t really retcon Kruber having always been Brettonian from the start either, since that changes the entire dynamic and origin story of the Ü5, and requires replacing hundreds of voicelines strewn throughout the game… Let alone his entire personality… And many of Krub’s voicelines hardly fit a Grail Knight in the first place… And how will it work with his weapons? Grail Knight with imperial sword & shield illusion would look pretty odd, right?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I might sound pretty sceptical about it, but I’m still looking forward to seeing what FS makes of it and I’m exited for the new gameplay options this can bring. I mean, another hero that can use shields, sounds good to me!


I’m very excited for the weather change. I have been waiting for some setting variety within current maps (like a change of day and night) since the 1st Geheimnisnacht event. Weather changing is a nice middle ground.


New Kruber class should come with the wooden mallet illusion unlocked :wink:


Hellllll yesssss
Cant wait, thanks!!

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I have very little idea on how they are going to justify this. I mean, hell, they could have theoretically justified an Engineer Kruber, who got tired of people teasing him about being unable to read, and Lohner hooked him up with study materials, which he discovered a hidden talent for.

But a bloody Grail Knight? HOW?
How far are they going to have to go back for this? Its not exactly an easy or reachable point for Kruber to get to, after Helmgart. The Mercenary Career had him just continue what he was doing. Huntsman had him going to the woods and Taal to find peace in himself. Foot Knight had him being promoted, and Knighted. Which is a thing in the Empire. You can flat-out buy yourself a noble title.

But a Grail Knight needs to come from a Brettonian Knight who takes up the Quest. You don’t BECOME a Brettonian Knight without being born a brettonian noble, with your father as a Knight. You can’t buy your way in. There are the exceptions of rare female Brettonian Knights, but they keep themselves deliberately hidden, and is a major ‘No-no’ in Bretonnian society for them to exist or be known about at all.

This is going to be some mind-bending contortion of lore justification, and I still cannot believe Games Workshop approved this, which Fatshark tells us they must.

I mean, I am looking forward to seeing how they do this backstory, but this is like Saltzpyre suddenly getting an Arabyan Sorcerer career with a pet Djinn. You have to go so far back and change so much that it just about re-writes the entire character from the very beginning.

… I suppose the only theoretical branch they could grasp at would be Araloth, the Wood Elf Lord who met with Lileath, who in the End Times Lore was actually also the Lady. She bestowed upon him power and bravery and all that jazz. The problem lies in how they would make such an event for Kruber, who is supposed to be an Imperial, with no direct god-to-god thing, where the Lady/Lileath is masquerading as another figure in the Empire’s pantheon of gods.

This is going to be hell to make sense of.


I mean, careers are ‘what if’ stories. What if kruber was bretonnian makes as much sense as Shade Kerillian.


They want money for the career, must be more OP than simple Kruber.

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Will everyone eventually be getting a new career?

You’d have to try really hard to make him more OP than Mercenary is right now.

So what happened to “premium will be just like VT1, cosmetics only”

I remember that poll, I thought it was about selling shillings, but having all cosmetics with a shilling tag. Again, cosmetics, not gameplay stuff.
This is really a bad change.

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a few. select. cosmetics. I dunno how a career can count as a cosmetic


It doesn’t, and that’s not even what the post was about. As it is stated in the dev post, premium Emporium cosmetics pay for free map content (which, if ppl had to buy them, would split the community).

New career is something different. By purchasing this career, you are paying for the work that they’ve put into it (this is not covered by LE premium purchases).

That wasn’t my understanding, and if it is so, they should have been clearer about it.
step 1 “we’ll never have microtransactions into the game”
step 2 “ok, we said we won’t, but actually, we will. just think that VT1 had something similar, it was paid cosmetics, we’ll have payed cosmetics so we can do new maps for free.”
step 3 “here come premium careers”

i don’t like where this is going.
you say it’s a dlc, but i struggle to see a career as one. in the history of vermintide, dlcs have been either cosmetic dlcs - like the arrogance lost skins, and like LE’s cosmetics - or content dlcs: from a new map for last stand, to map dlcs with weapons.
this is a big change from it, however you want to look at it. it doesn’t add content to play. if they’d release a new career for free, and add payed cosmetics in the emporium to support the work I’d not be surprised. But locking it (or locking challenges related to it) behind a premium doesn’t make sense, and it seems to me to go against what we have been promised. once again.


I have to agree… specially about challenges. If you want complete them, are you forced to buy him?


There’s nothing against any promise there. They create new content for free based on cosmetics, but they never said they’ll stop paid dlc.

This is the first time in the history of vermintide that we have a new career. And weapons being sold as dlc, a new career makes sense as dlc (And this is a pretty big addition in the whole history of vermintide 2). Plus it means that you’ll be actually able to play the character as all players won’t all have access to the career.

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Let the “nickle and dime”-ing commence.

Ah well. It was a good game while it lasted.

WTB a local host single player DLC to see this game live in posterity. I would actually pay for that.