Season 3 coming on June 23

No i know, just wondering. If a Career costs money, will there be premium weapons later on aswell?

Also they don’t wanna muddy the waters to make it buyable with shillings, but if you buy all the dlc you get more weeklies and indirectly faster way to obtain cosmetics. What’s the difference here? Playing devil’s advocate

Technically premium weapons do come with the Grail Knight.

As stated in S2 Blog post:

Paid premium LE cosmetics allow FS to create free maps for everybody and therefore does not split the community.

I have nothing against this, but could we know if the new career will be free (shillings) one day? Imho it’s a precious and fair information to have. Players should have freedom of choice.

Do you mean in the mid of the third season? This could ruin weaves and leaderboard.

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Ah yes. Well if i would have to guess i’m gonna say they are gonna be strong af, maybe to increase sales maybe not. Good thing that they hold off on bbb. Now we finally have our answer about why we didn’t get one earlier.

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I’m wondering if they’re kinda reworking traits & properties or not (and therefore requires more technical stuff), which could explain the wait.

We’ll see. There are still alot of promises in this post, so i’ll try and not be to enthousiastic to not be dissapointed.

Odds are slim in the near or mid term, but it might be something changed far in the future once we’ve seen how this release has gone. I wouldn’t expect it to change, but it may be future careers are handled differently. This is a new arena for us, we’ll adjust our future based on the upcoming present.

The BBB may run along side, but no word on if it would ship during Season 3 in the live game. In fact, we can’t confirm it happening 100%, just something we’re aiming for.

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Nah do not worry about weaves and leaderboards. I’ll do S3 Weaves and we can handle that.

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Yea, I agree. Also, Weave leaderboards have never been a reason for not getting balance patches. This has previously been stated and we already had balance patches during seasons.

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And actually, a lot of games actually get balance patches during the seasons (TFT, League Of Legends, Diablo 3, etc).

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I can understand… I only beg you to think carefully about the price, because it can really determine the success or failure of the update… especially if we consider you have chosen the “paid cosmetics system” to give us free game content.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about leaderboard, I prefer the BBB… the sooner it goes out, the better is.


Where’s this from?

Soo, this is what the marketing masterminds came up with?
The free content is maps and half the cosmetics, oher half of cosmetics, weapons and careers are DLC?
Is there anything else you can give free and stuff that must be paid for?

Any reasoning behind putting the career behind a paywall?

I’m wondering because everyone thought the premium cosmetics were gonna be the way to monetize the game. Did fs’s philosphy change, or was it always supposed to be like this and just never communicated cleary?

Don’t get me wrong i’ll probably buy it as i have all dlc already, just asking for other players who might be suprised by this.


I’m very, very interested how you explain this career on him, didn’t even know he was questing. At least all the Kerillian/Kruber fanfic is now out of the window (on that specific career), he has his Lady now.

Thanks for the confirmation of Martins interview, now almost 2 years old, it was really needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, why is that image of Kruber so small? :grin: Will you later down the line add higher resolutions to the Press Kit?

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I think so, once we do a press release. Hit me up if that doesn’t happen.


Will definitely do!

This is not exactly what they said. They said the premium cosmetics would be to support free content. Not that every new content in the future will be free.

I don’t even know how some people jumped to this conclusion. I was pretty sure from the beginning that we still would get paid DLCs like before.


The true question is… does Kruber will have a bad forced french accent when you play him as a grail knight? “For ze lady!”