PREMIUM Grail Knight without REAL PREMIUM cosmetics - Challenges: "the 100%" LOCKED behind a Paywall - too expensive Price

I don’t want to start an infinite discussion, just express my personal opinion… we have to make a distinction: there is a big difference between game contents and cosmetics.
First ones are something you play (like weapons or challenges), second ones are just an extra… often a possibility to gift some money to your favorite developers.

For this reason, I would NOT complain cosmetics’ price, NEVER… like said, it’s just an extra.

But, talking about Premium Grail Knight, there is a problem: it contains the challenges too… this means that to play Grail Knight at his full potential, I have to pay 8€.

8€ for one career… it seems, to me, really too much. Premium version has been shown like a luxury, for who really wanted those shiny cosmetics… instead it LOCKS THE 100% (Okri Summary) BEHIND A PAYWALL.

Now, seriously, I don’t want to be too mischievous, but it seems that it has been exploited the gamers’ passion to completism…

We have to consider too that GK’s cosmetics from Premium Version are, more or less, just those ones you get free with every other career… there aren’t so many really paid cosmetics.


If you’re the kind of player who 100%-ed Okri challenges, which takes several hundreds of hours of perfect play minimum and probably takes many over 1000 hours, a few bucks extra are a damn steal tbh.


Wait, the premium cosmetics are locked behind Okri’s challenges?

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Honestly I don’t love this logic… it’s a principle.

Exactly: cosmetics are behind challenges and, without those challenges, you can not obtain the 100% in the Orki Summary.


haha, almost 50€ for 5 new careers and a few skins, how much did the base game cost?

Next time they will take 80€ per career, and ppl like you will still be like, “this is reasonable” :slight_smile:


ye the price is a joke considering what you get for it.


I’m totally okay with the price for what it gives, but I’m not okay with the fact that it hides Okri challenges behind a paywall even though I bought it.


Can anyone say Nickel and Dime?


Excuse my french, but that’s just fcking bllshit.
Fatshark, I didn’t pay extra just so that I would have to do challenges to get these premium items, the fact that they were locked behind challenges after PURCHASING them was NEVER MENTIONED in the store, it was written EITHER OR, implying that you had a choice.
It NEVER specified that certain cosmetics were locked behind challenges with no other alternative methods.
Sorry Fatshark, but this is false advertisement and robbery.


I actually think the full price is too much and the additions aren’t a good value proposition for the common player. Being disappointed with that is understandable!

But OP was seemingly mad that he can’t get a 100% number in his Okri screen without paying extra, despite being someone who clearly must have gotten tens of hours of enjoyment for every dollar spent on this game so far. It’s like complaining that you can’t use free refills at a restaurant to fill up a 10 gallon barrel that you brought with you.


This is a quote form the store “Unlock the new cosmetics through exclusive challenges or pay a visit to Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.” I haven’t checked Lohner’s so I don’t know if they are in there or not.


Yes, that’s literally what I said; it says “either or”, basically, implying that you can either unlock them through challenges, or just buy them at Lohner’s. It never specifies that some are locked behind challenges.
I checked Lohner’s and there’s only 3 different skins for the two bretonnian weapons, nothing more. The rest must be unlocked through challenges.
Which is where the false advertisement comes in.


Don’t buy it.
Its that simple.
The problem isn’t Fatshark being like the usual capitalist fraud which makes up 99% of the gaming industry, the problem is people throwing money at them for literally nothing.
Don’t complain about getting it dry if you instantly drop your pants and bend over every time some dev tells you to.

False advertisement has been their thing for over two years now. What a surprise. Who would have thought.


Agreed, i refunded the DLC the second i understood the skins had to be bought separately…

  1. you’re making a lot of assumptions.
  2. Yes, if you’re going to get 5 - 10 years of playtime out of this game, you could easily end up spending another $50. How crazy. How will you be able to afford upwards of $10 a year? You’ll need to get a second job.


“Things” should have a price regardless how much time you will spend on them… because, time spent, is totally personal/subjective and it depends by people.
Otherwise online FPS should cost 400€ since you can spend on them x8 the time you need to complete a 50€ storyline singleplayer game?

True, but I still think it’s useful make these threads…


lol whos making the assumptions, you asume i cant afford this, i can promise you i have lots of money, im dont need a job, i work from home with trading… (and made tons of money)

so its not a problem pal. But maybe people like me think more about what value they get when they buy something (no matter if its 10$ or 100 000$), but idiots like you dont :smiley:


Market price for generic fun is about $10/h (cinemas, AW-priced beers, guided tours, etc), so if you are getting more than one hour of fun it’s a steal market wise.

I mean, if $10 gives me a nice moment to remember I’m happy. I’ve spent so much money on crap (long term) that I’ve realized that every single penny spent on something you enjoy is worth it. I and think most people here above 25 would agree with that.

You pay for your beer at the bar or leave, you don’t run around telling people that the place is expensive, since that would be what is colloquially known as a d*ck move, and an especially stupid one since you then would assume you know what everyone values.


It was written and was on stream :slight_smile:

Price is ok, its big pizza price. Stop whining.

Yeah FS should change to subscription based instead of dlc !

You are comparing apple and oranges, i compare to other computer games.

The Apple generation, pay insane prices for crap and call everyone who questions this behavior poor :slight_smile: The thing is other companies soon follow and do the same, thats the big problem.