Grail Knight DLC

Bought the DLC the 23rd.
Played the 24th.
Grail Knight Challenges are still marked as “Downloadable Content”.

Not sure what gives…

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Unfortunately you will need to own the cosmetic upgrade.

What do you mean?
I bought the class on Steam, shouldn’t it be unlocked?

The DLC has a second level that you have to buy, it unlocks skins, cosmetics and challenges.

Okay? Seems unnecessary, could’ve just included it all into a singular purchase and mash the prices together.

Where do I find this other DLC?

They did. You can just choose to separate the career.

Edit: It’s called premium on the steam store.

Search steam for Grail Knight.
It will be more expensive tho, if you upgrade the base DLC as if you had bought the pimped one.

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