Lost challenge progression and cosmetics

I had a year long time of not playing the game and i just played some matches and bought the grail knight expansion for kruber and after playing a few hours, noticed that my progression on foot knight had been reset for some unkown reason? I used to have the both the red (Champion) and black (Legend) armor for footknight completed. Also some of my other cosmetics are missing like weapons and helmets, like i had never bought/earned them.

Hi @Goregutz,

That seems strange. Was progression reset for your whole account? e.g. all characters reset to level 1?

As account progression is only ever reset by us after player request, which is verified, and then the entire account is reset in an all-or-nothing kind of deal for all characters.

Otherwise, is it possible that you made progress on a different account?

No, the rest of my account seems to be the same as before, only footknight progression has taken a hit. I only have this one account so there are no others for me.

Hm, I’m at a loss here, as progression for a single character shouldn’t technically ever be reset. For a DLC career, e.g. Grail Knight, if the DLC was refunded then any items linked to that would become inaccessible - but for Footknight this wouldn’t apply.

Can you please provide me with your Steam profile URL (or Gamertag/PSN ID) so we can take a look to see if anything is out of place in the backend?


Hi @Goregutz,

Thank you. We’ve taken a look at your account, but from a backend perspective nothing appears to be incorrect.

Unfortunately, in this circumstance there isn’t anything further we’re able to do. Apologies!

It’s allright.