Character Challenge Reset

Has anyone experienced the issue recently where some of your character’s challenges are reset?

I have long since completed every class in champion and legend and are wearing the outfits from the reward. But two days ago I noticed all my classes had their challenges reset and my outfits removed. It wasn’t a full reset, it showed things like 8/13 maps completed on legend difficulty. The challenges does register when I completed one of the maps and it goes to 9/13 maps completed. It also set me back on my “play 100 games” on a certain character challenge as well.

Its a grind to get 100 games for one class all over again when I was almost there already for some of the classes.

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Are you on console ? Never experienced that on PC.

Oh right, yea I’m on pc

Did you have a family shared account or cheat engine?

my account isn’t using family shared account nor have I used cheat engine or even have it installed

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