Season 2 & Patch is live!

The latter

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Wow, there goes one customer, and how many others I can let know of your EA like business practices. First you never gave us everything promised with the original sale and now you add something you said you never would.

Rofl. I guess you have zero experience with EA then.


Out of curiousity? What was “everything promised” aside from dedicated servers (support)?

Dedicated servers are quite enough, thank you.

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So I have to assume part of the community is lying every time they talk about all those/multiple broken promises? Good to know.

So why am I getting 5 shillings instead of emperors box for completing dailies? Is this a bug are we supposed to get both? Because I would much rather the box.


I’m not sure where all this talk about mivrotrannsactions and similar practises are coming from. It was announced way back that there would be cosmetic only dlcs coming. The only difference is that you don’t have to use the steam interface to purchase them.

@Fatshark_Hedge Is there anyone who could help me with the horrible performance hit with 2.1 or do I just drop the game ?

I spend over 3 hours today trying to fix it and got basically no results, the game is literally unplayable at this point. Lost literally 100 fps in keep, and it’s stuttering like crazy, and not just on DX12, on DX11 also.


  • 4 different Graphics Drivers
    ** 442.01 (latest driver)
    ** 441.66
    ** 440.97
    ** 399.24

** modded realm vs official realm
** disabling all mods
** checking integrity of game files
** removing all config settings - resetting all settings (had to run thru the damn intro again…)
** disabling g-sync
** v-sync on/off doesn’t matter, even forcing it off in drivers does nothing
** RTSS s-sync does nothing
** testing drivers @ default settings
** made sure my performance is ok via 3d mark & unigine benchmarks
** other games runs perfectly fine
** dropping all settings to lowest possible (which will give me more pefromance but it’s still basically unplayable stuttering mess and at low fps, while I should be pushing like 300fps when there is no horde)

My rig is basically highest-end possible for this game : 8700K@5Ghz, DDR4@4133CL17, 1080Ti@2Ghz, Optane 900P Drive

This is what settings I used for at least past half a year looks like in the keep where I was doing 140-165 fps (my max) Now I’m doing 40-60 … 100 fps drop.

Something got screwed up super hard. It might not be super obvious thru the video because of all the smoothing etc. processing does but if one looks at the frametime graph it becomes obvious how bad it is.

Here’s DX11 Experience, it’s even worse than the DX12, its like constant 80-100 down to 20-30 or something and up and down and up and down…

Game is just computing some nonsense and draining gpu, since if I do super low res like 800x600 I get like 75-80 fps at same spot, which is nonsense.

edit: got it fixed, somehow deleting whole settings folder, not just config file, save_data, shader_cache etc, fixed the problem.

edit2: it’s not fixed, if I do high textures the stutter is back, there seems to be some issue with loading textures


Just curious, is there a particular reason for sticking with the larger chat window?

I mentioned this in the beta:

and it’s still a constant annoyance every time something causes the chat window to pop up.

You do have to use steam to purchase them, but you can preview them ingame through the emporium. Still gotta go to steam to purchase them, though.

We want to but it’s just not possible at the moment. I do what I can to keep them as close as possible but some things can’t be done the same way as on PC which requires a lot of reworking to make it seem they work the same way. Rest assured though that we’re working on it. We have a QoL patch in cert that should be out in a couple of days bit season 2 will unfortunately have to wait until it meets the same standards as PC


Will the console version of season 2 be 3 months from now or are we looking at a month of anticipation?

This alone is enough to make me happy! Awesome!


I think posting your issue in the Technical Support category instead than under patchnotes would help you a lot faster.
Just copy and paste the whole thing.



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This new reworked Handmaiden passive must be quite something when it takes so long for the team to implement it. Looking forward to it!

(I had to, don’t be mad)

Are we going to only get shillings from dailies now instead of emperors chest? Really annoying change and didn’t see anything about that in the beta, why has this happened? Shillings are useless emperors chests are much more useful and allow me to progress in the game. 5 shillings is a joke reward.


Floating enemies, sinking enemies, invisible enemies attacking from underground, magically appearing enemies behind you… sigh


Why would anyone want to play weaves with bots? They actually throw games because of how bad the AI is.
Quick play weaves sound good in theory but higher weaves require, sometimes, specific builds and classes.
QQ abuse? thats funny… Barely anyone plays slayer nowadays and you destroy something that made the class fun. I guess this game is on the ESPORTS level and needs these nerfs that takes the joy and fun out of classes.
The BW “balance” was necessary but not in this way. No one ever complained about Kaboom being overpowered until you could spam it. You left the class with no direction and with 3 useless talents for the ultimate.
All I want is to come home and play nerfed classes on this competitive game :smiley: