Season 2 & Patch is live!

Def still BW.

Similarly to adventure the bots should be using the same loadouts as your last used loadout on the hero in the Athanor. Is that not the case for you/people?

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I was pretty worried about the potential for 2HH nerfs that punished every career and not just slayer; however, the solution you guys came up with seems a pretty balanced way to address the issue :slight_smile: .

Can’t wait to try it out.

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Yes, you guys hit some of the big stuff. The big balance beta made this game great, though. Unfortunately all that work was undone in 2.0. I appreciate you guys introducing some fresh mechanics to give the game more life. However, it has been unbalanced for far too long. This should be your number 1 priority. Steady and consistent balance patches do far more for the longevity of a game than any of these more elaborate solutions you guys are looking for. Consistent balance patches don’t just make the game feel “fair,” but they make the game feel fresh by shifting the meta.


Now I can see, thanks.
But Im in the same, I play with FK… no spear for me. And my 2HH has no new skins.

A hotfix just went live for 2.1.0 with a fix for a crash that could happen if using Crunch talent on slayer in Weaves, and another common crash.

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The patch changes look great, and I’m happy the Emporium is officially released. I must say I’m a little disappointed about the contents of the store, though. No new items other than the premium ones? I was really hoping for more weapon cosmetics, in particular. Will more items be added to the store in the next days / weeks / other units of time?


YES! I am looking forward to the Weekend and will definelty put my trusty Great Axe to good use.

Have to download the patch overnight with my 3 Mbit/s…

Lol, never mention anything they previously said. It was " just words" they r moving in a new direction now😎

Cosmetics that were already unlockable and all the new cosmetics are locked behind a paywall :roll_eyes:
I was hoping to see new free skins and illusions I haven’t already picked up from a chest. I’m really disappointed right now. Although, I am going to buy something eventually to support development. It’s just kind of silly that after all this time there’s basically only 1 new hat per hero. No new armor skins, no new weapon illusions.


These patch notes are gorgeous, I can’t appreciate them enough.
Super happy to see feedback was taken in!
Bots in quickplay weaves!
Critter quest is now party-wide!
Weekly quests no longer have a random value!
Smiter is no longer a terrible talent!!

The painting selection UI now shows which paintings are in use throughout your Keep.
Best change. Ever. I can now delete my notepad file that served this very purpose.

And in particular I really appreciate the quotes from the game designer on the big balance changes, these are extremely valuable and appreciated.
Agh, can’t wait to play this! I’ll be back to my pc in 2 days and will get facefirst into vermintide lol!


Translation “business as usual”

What about beastmen overpopulation, its beastmentide right now and its quite annoying

Mostly good changes. More to come please!

I made a separate thread because I forgot about this one. Here it is in case you missed: TY for excellent patch notes

I hope that a comprehensive class balance pass is planned for 2020. The talent trees are a mess and really need some tuning.



A different game in a different time.

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What about XBOX ?


This is indeed problem.

FoW should be borderline impossible, we did it before BW could burn CW’s which was absurd change and trivilized FoW. It was super hard, as highest end challenge should be.

I really hope they don’t nerf it.

Oh and btw, the frickin fake-invite-positions are still a thing in Season 2 … like really ?

Does this mean that there is no explosion at Sienna’s starting position, or that the explosion at Sienna’s starting position is of normal strength? As in, equivalent to a non-kaboom explosion.

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I’m pretty sure talents work but not the traits and properties on the bots equipment. I healed one of the bots who had boon but they didn’t get fully healed. And they had base health value when I had +hp on their necklace. I could see the talent procs and temp health they were getting though.