Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.1.0 (Season 2) BETA


Welcome to the latest update for Vermintide 2.

Today we bring you two deliveries. With the first, we’re updating the live game to patch - this includes improvements to the rerolling of traits and properties to be more deterministic and less true RNG, and includes changes to Weekly Quests.


Weekly Quests:

Will now be granted to all players, not just those who own the Bogenhafen DLC. You will receive 4 quests as a base and then one additional for each DLC you own ( Bogenhafen, Back to Ubersreik, Winds of Magic ) at the beginning of the week (Mondays 00:00 CET).

Weekly quests will now reward Shillings which can be spent in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders. Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders will be available in a limited form on the Beta.

For those still collecting Bogenhafen cosmetics; the full release of Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders will make all of them available for those of you who own the DLC.


Optimised salvaging items resulting in quicker salvage times and less frequent backend errors.

Rerolling traits and properties is now more deterministic; you are guaranteed to see each trait and property configuration within a certain amount of rerolls. It is also no longer possible to roll a trait or property configuration twice in a row.

We also have as mentioned in our letter to the community last week the latest on Season 2 in the form of a BETA. Patch 2.1.0 is available for test! The notes of which can be found below.

To install the Vermintide 2 - Season 2 Beta:

  • Right-click Vermintide 2 in your Steam library sidebar
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Betas’ tab
  • Expand the ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ dropdown and select:
  • An 8.6GB download for the Season 2 Beta should then start downloading. If the download does not start automatically, please restart the Steam client.


Exceptions may be made in regards to in-game currencies. Should issues be found with the economy during beta, there is a potential for currency to be adjusted.

We have compiled a bunch of answers to potential questions over on our Support Site FAQ so be sure to check those out if you have any queries! The notes are as follows:

BETA PATCH SEASON 2 - Patch 2.1.0


  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the map Dark Omens
  • Fixed Bardin Slayer’s talent Grimnirs Focus not working for clients


  • Revisions to the Weaves (including unranked Quick Play) (for Winds of Magic owners).
  • The first of the Curse of Drachenfels maps, ‘Old Haunts’ (for Everyone).
  • Lohner’s Emporium. Lohner’s Emporium will be a limited experience for the time being as we test out how you interact with currency and look for edge cases in the machinations that bring it all together.


  • Items now stay in the Recipe slot when rerolling for properties and traits.
  • The crafting interface now removes the item from the Recipe slot after applying a weapon illusion.
  • Quest and challenges in Okri’s Challenges now display in the following cadence: Claimable < Avialable < Completed
  • The UI now presents rarity on reward items in Okri’s Challenges
  • Weapon illusion rewards are now presented correctly in Okri’s Challenges
  • Fixed bug with item reward popup showing item rewards without a frame.
  • [ALT + ENTER] to toggle fullscreen no longer triggers the chat.
  • Fixed a problem where by the Font Size didn’t take effect in the settings.
  • Added support to scroll chat text with mouse wheel.
  • Polished the visual look of the chat.
  • Added new font rendering to the chat to make it more sharp and now supports multiple colors.
  • Changed size of chat window (From 600x200 to 500x250).
  • Private/public checkbox in tab-menu now only says “Private” to make it clear if game is set to private or not.
  • Loading screen subtitles do now continue after loading screen is complete as long as the VO is still playing.
  • Tweaked font sizes and text color of matchmaking status UI.
  • Added sound events for weave game mode menu.
  • Adding missing variations of the potions for Razer Chroma.


  • Against the Grain - Fixed some illogical respawn points.
  • Blightreaper - Added and adjusted collisions to prevent Out of Bounds.
  • Dark Omens - Fixed various spots where heroes would just fall to their death instead of hanging off the ledge.
  • Dark Omens - Adjusted pickups that were outside of the play area.
  • Dark Omens - Moved a grenade spawn spot that was obstructed by a rock.
  • Dark Omens - Fixed a location near the 2nd Grimoire where bots behaved frustratingly.
  • Empire in Flames - Added and adjusted collisions to prevent Out of Bounds.
  • Fort Brachsenbrucke - Fixed a respawn point that could send players back beyond a point of no return.
  • Fort Brownbrogues - Fixed spot where cannonball could go out of bounds and become unobtainable.
  • Fort Brandybutter - Fixed a spot where heroes would just fall to their death instead of hanging off the ledge.
  • Garden of Morr - Dying near the first Tome should no longer spawn you near the third Tome.
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed various sticky spots.
  • Horn of Magnus - Fixed some illogical respawn points and sticky spots.
  • Horn of Magnus - Stopped Beastmen spawning behind the portcullis during the barrel event.
  • Hunger in the Dark - Fixed various sticky spots and hang-ledges.
  • Into the Nest - Fixed various sticky spots and Out of Bounds locations.
  • The Pit - Added and adjusted collisions to prevent Out of Bounds.
  • Skittergate - Fixed an Out of Bounds that could lead to a soft lock.
  • Skittergate - Fixed a location where bots could get stuck.
  • Skittergate - Fixed a spot where enemies could not path to the player during the final encounter.
  • War Camp - Fixed some sticky spots.
  • War Camp - Fixed a crash that could occur during the Bodvarr encounter.
  • War Camp - Adusted ‘Nav Mesh’ (AI Pathing) to avoid enemies spawning beneath the water.
  • Weaves - ‘Death’ Wind: Now only damages permanent (green) health, and gives you temp health equivalent to the health lost. Temp health degenerates at an increased rate.
  • Weaves - ‘Life’ Wind: The Thorn Bushes now deal more damage and last longer, but no longer slows and despawns after a single proc.
  • Weaves - Fixed various sticky locations, exploitable spots, hang-ledges, collisions and deathzones.
  • Weaves - Fixed reported scenarios where there was not enough Essence to fulfil an objective. We’ve tweaked how we calculate how much each enemy killed contributes to the overall bar in a weave to be more consistent and reliable.
  • Weaves - Reduced the severity of damage scaling when reaching beyond Weave 60.
  • Weaves - We’ve revisited the spawning / end events on certain levels.


  • Fixed cases where the Packmaster would not hoist a grabbed player when it had been re-directed by another player.
  • Fixed headbutt and shove attacks of the Minotaur having 2 overlapping and continuous hitboxes resulting in potential double hits.
  • Blood explosion particles from Rasknitt and Gutter Runner death animations are now removed if blood and gore setting is is set to ‘Off’.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chaos Spawn’s ‘life leech’ grab did not scale properly on Cataclysm. Now restores 400 health when the Spawns eats a player, up from 60.
  • Updated Berserker and Plague Monk combo attack face rotation to be “flat”, so if player is at different elevation the attacker wouldn’t tilt.
  • Updated Berserker and Plague Monk combo attack behavior to keep both move target and attack target until the combo is over, so they should no longer switch to closest target for neither attack nor the movement until the combo attack is over.
  • Ungor Archer’s arrows can now be blocked by all melee weapons within block angle. (Same as shield weapons functions currently).


  • Fixed situations where players could get stuck in the Bridge of Shadows if a connecting player failed to properly connect to the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the torch could spawn on downed bots if Darkness was triggered in Twitch Mode.
  • Fixed the Twitch Darkness Mutator, so that the torches that are spawned are also despawned when the mutator ends.
  • Fixed damage statistics not being tracked for remote clients when hitting Trolls.
  • Fixed ‘Slay all Lords with specific weapons’ achievements not working on Cataclysm.
  • Decanter’ Trait - Fixed an issue that caused the concentration potion to reduce cooldown at a 50% increased rate when using Decanter. Now restores cooldown at the same rate as without the trait.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Tweaked secondary weapon actions (block/aim/charge). Minimum action time has been reduced from average 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds. Weapon switch start for defensive actions has been reduced from average 0.4 to 0.2 seconds for blocking and 0.0 second for aiming/charging (instantly cancelable). This should make weapon switching while performing defensive actions more responsive without making offensive canceling notably stronger.
  • Decay speed of temp hp increased by 100%.
  • Temp Health on Cleave - Increased from 0.75 health for each target damaged to 1 health for each target damaged. 50% first target penalty removed.
  • The talents that increased range of the leaping/teleporting Career Skills caused a lot of problems with out of bounds and mission skips so they have been replaced. (see Bardin and Sienna notes below)
  • Kruber
    • Kruber’s spear now hits units closer to him. Previously he could miss attacks on enemies in very close proximity with sweeps and stabs. Overall attack range remains the same but should now land more consistently up close.
    • 1h Mace - Fixed an issue where the third attack in the light chain had inconsistent chaining into heavy attacks.
    • Mace and Sword - Tweaked chain windows after push slightly to counteract a situation where a light attack could be inadvertedly chained into.
    • Empire Longbow - Fixed an issue where it could still get pushed out of the zoomed shot if you had bonuses to attack speed active.
    • Foot Knight - Counterpunch - Reduced the duration of free pushes after blocking from 2 seconds to 1.
  • Saltzpyre
    • Repeating Crossbow - Fixed the triple shot having a gap where actions couldn’t be chained.
    • Zealot - Heart of Iron passive ability is now active from start instead of on cooldown.
  • Bardin
    • Drakegun - Fixed an issue where the light shot of the weapon could sometime prioritize the wrong targets, resulting in them not being hit. Should now always hit targets, even if they are very close to the player.
    • 1h Hammer - Fixed an issue where the third attack in the light chain had inconsistent chaining into heavy attacks.
    • Slayer - Increased base health from 100 to 125
    • Slayer - Grimnir’s Focus - Changed, now grants a 40% damage reduction for 5 seconds after landing a charged attack. The old mechanic of taking reduced damage while charging attacks worked poorly in practice and has been replaced with a more clear one. The damage reduction has been tweaked to compensate for the more reliable uptime and the Slayers increased healthpool.
    • Slayer - Bounding Leap has been replaced with ‘Crunch!’ - Increases the stagger strength of the impact of Leap by 100%.
  • Kerillian
    • Shade - Fixed an issue that caused Kerillian to gain guaranteed crits for 1 second after unstealthing while using Cloak of Pain.
    • Dual Daggers, Sword and Dagger - Bleed effect no longer stacks.
  • Sienna
    • Battle Wizard - Switched tiers of Famished Flames and Immersive Immolation. The combination of the talents Famished Flames and Lingering Flames made Battle Wizard a close to 100% must pick for higher difficulty content. Rather than gutting two interesting talents we’d like to experiment with them being independent build styles for Battle Wizard.
    • Battle Wizard - Whoosh! - Replaced with ‘Volans’ Quickening’ - Reduces the cooldown of Fire Walk by 30%.

How to convert a decent talent into a useless talent. One more, useless talent for FK :roll_eyes:


Atk spd being on defensive talent row is very strange choice but welcomed one.
Unchained is now even worse shape in means of thp than before, till she get thp on kill instead of stagger she will be more punishing than any other class.

BH double shooted still not fixed?

That means climbing enemies in final fight will not drop under map anymore and poke you from there?

125 hp why? He is even more tanky now than before why give him more hp ? Now that 40% is braindead pick, atleast buff dodge stagger a little.

Well now that speed have some good alternatives good change gonna test it out.

Can we have that big ass Beta word smaller or in uper corner instaed of nearly in middle?

Could you show us what you’re seeing?

While QoL stuff is definitely appreciated, are there any plans for really looking into weapon balance any time soon? Spear has been the weapon of choice for Kruber since it released, nothing really compares to it. It’s kinda funny seeing it buffed at this point, even though it’s a QoL buff :smile:


sure and here little option to zoom out would be gladly

Maybe that Beta dont scale well with higher resolutions?
It would be nice if it was near shilling count because I was bamboozled when I saw this

Beta only cosmetics, oh wait no…

Foot Knight - Counterpunch - Reduced the duration of free pushes after blocking from 2 seconds to 1.

Hey guys let’s remove the one thing that makes FK fun which isn’t even that useful, for “balance”, that sounds like a great idea! I’m sure it’ll make Kruber’s least-used class even more popular!

Slayer - Bounding Leap has been replaced with ‘Crunch!’ - Increases the stagger strength of the impact of Leap by 100%.
Battle Wizard - Whoosh! - Replaced with ‘Volans’ Quickening’ - Reduces the cooldown of Fire Walk by 30%.

Hey guys, let’s remove two awesome new talents we only just added in the last patch that are super fun to play with and aren’t even that useful, just because we’re upset that 0.1% of players don’t want to play our game and would rather try to get out of bounds, that sounds like a great idea.


Sorry if a dumb question, but what does the “Expires February 16” mean in cosmetics shop? Is it some beta stuff or are the skins temporary and have to be reacquired?

We are going to update that text, it means the item will rotate out of the store on that date. Anyone who purchased it would keep it.


Oh and cosmetic option to show non owned only would be great like in

That word is not on cosmetic ofc its overlay on everything :smiley:

Will be still there with FK because we love to suffer :muscle:

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Well, now you should nerf all the higher difficulty… because now they are 100% harder than before.

If a team only beat cata because of a broken crutch, maybe they shouldn’t play cata.

And now they can actually balance higher weaves more reasonably (though I’m not gonna bet money on it)


The reasoning is another. 90% of the groups, wich completed highest modes (like last weaves and cata FoW), had a BW… simply because the main strategy was: kite, kite, kite (since the game vomit on us an infinite number of enemies). Now BW is partially gone… this means that above modes are much harder. This is unfair for those players that have still to complete them.

For this reason, now, they should rework too those modes (mainly last weaves).

:partying_face: :ok_hand: :love_you_gesture:

Downloading the patch now! Is there any chance that the font changes will break mods like the geheimnisnacht patch did?

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They shouldn’t, but no promises there aren’t some issues somewhere.


When can the owners of bogenhafen dlc have all mising cosmetics us (helmets, red weapons and dresses) ?


When the beta ends and the update goes in to general release :slight_smile:


Complaining about putting Slayer back to where he should be.

Absolutely mind blowing.


Thanks :slight_smile: