Screenfreeze around 5 secs

i have Freezes all the time, a couple times a Game normally since this Year…

Can anyone help me out with this?

The obvious question: Are your drivers up to date? (at least check for your graphics card)

Are you playing on DirectX 12?

As above, please see:

Or, if your PC is losing responsiveness when this occurs:

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hello there, thnx for the replies!

Yeas im using DirectX12, and no my Graphicscards and System are Up to Date…

Only have this on Vermintide sadly :shushing_face:

I would really recommend you using DirectX 11. :point_left:
A lot of people experience stutters or even freezes with DirectX 12 and better performance with DirectX 11.

I for example (as probably most people) use DirectX 11. (well it is default, isn’t it?)
For my part because DirectX 12 gives me stutters.

DirectX 12 goes easier on the CPU it seems.
I don’t notice any visual changes between those two, so the easiest solution for you is, as I recommended, to change to DirectX 11.


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My Cpu is not the Problem i have a Hexacore…
However i had some help with my settings now GPU wise and it seemed much better!

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