Game framerate freezes for 5 to 10 seconds

Vermintide 2 will reliably freeze and lockup for 5 to 10 seconds before resuming normally without issue. This happens predictably, while standing in the Keep or playing a multiplayer mission with others. It doesn’t matter. I can’t say it started with the 1.2 update, it did occur before, but I was playing solo and it certainly didn’t happen as routinely as it is now and happening at least once a mission, occasionally more than once.

My computer doesn’t lockup… it remains responsive. I can alt+tab and in and out of Vermintide 2. Even when it occurs while in the game, I still have cursor control if it happens while I’m in a menu. I just can’t click anything and my character is unresponsive, the image on the display is frozen.

I can’t do anything for 8ish seconds on average, but the game continues on without me. Once it passes, everything is solid again.

Win 10 Pro
Intel i7-3930K 3.6ghz
16GB Ram
GTX1080 - 399.24

This kind of reminds of the 1-2 second CPU spike I used to get with the original early version of Vermintide 1 (when hordes spawned) before it was optimized and then ran great. However, my CPU doesn’t appear to spike or hang and actually drops in load when the freeze happens.

Game settings for Video is 2560x1440 96hz with details set for high or Extreme. Game runs smooth with reliably high 70-100+ FPS except for the sudden lockup. Other than that, there is no sign of trouble with playing this game


try going back to the dx11 configuration
when you start the game, the 1st console (the mods one), -> settings -> directx version -> dx11
for many of us, “solved” the problem


It is definitely an issue with dx12, which is unfortunate because dx12 runs so much better for me than dx11.

Aye, you have to switch to DX11. But you will probably still have really bad lag during hordes and Seinna flame blasting everything. It’s been widely reported

Unfortunately, it is already set for DX11.

Unfortunately it can be hard to pinpoint why a player is experiencing performance drops. I’m sure you already have, but do make sure nothing’s overheating!

Some players with NVIDIA cards have reported success by changing their ‘Power management mode’ in the NVIDIA Control Panel to ‘Prefer maximum performance’ by:

  1. Right-click your desktop
  2. Select the NVIDIA Control Panel
  3. Select ‘Manage 3D Settings’ within the sidebar
  4. Ensure the ‘Global Settings’ tab is selected
  5. Scroll down to ‘Power management mode’
  6. Change this to ‘Prefer maximum performance’

Keep me updated.

Ok I will try this. Mine was on “optimal power”. (even though I don’t have this exact issue anymore/really rare)

did you check if there is a service hogging cpu/hdd resources?
for ex. I disabled windows update and related “malware” (office/telemetry etc)

I tried setting the Vermintide 2 Profile to “Prefer Maximum Power”.

The issue is still present.

However, it seems less prominent when playing solo games, the freeze is momentary. In Quick Match games, with other players, the freeze is longer and encountered more frequently. In solo play with just bots, once every few missions as opposed to once every mission in multiplayer matches.

Thank you for the information. Out of interest, do the same drops in performance occur on medium or low video quality? (Be sure to restart VT2 after changing your video quality!).

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