Scoreboards (for the last time i swear!) [lets poll]

maybe the solution could be to make a personnal scoreboard with your numbers AND numbers of the team
not everyone
your damage/damage of the team
number of revive/revive of the team

Fantastic, take your own advice, accept that some people might disagree with your opinion. You think it’s not valuable, so ignore it and accept some people would like it. There’s a difference between something you can ignore entirely and something that is actively being taken away.

Moving on. There’s zero point debating anything else you’ve said, you’re very clearly stuck in your mindset. Or trolling. I still haven’t decided which at this point. You seem to have this massive superiority complex that only your way is the right way, that anybody deriving value from the scoreboard is wrong then scamper back and go “It’s just like, my opinion man!” before going on another tirade.

Maybe if you spent more time focusing on building up arguments for your opinion you would not need justify yourself by calling people trolls when you have nothing more to say.

Good luck in life.

That dude is hillarious.

I have an opinion.

Well, unfortunately your opinion is incompatible with facts and here is why.

I don’t care. I repeat the same stuff again and again.

Wowzers. Just because you can’t compute the experience of your runs and a complementary scorboard together doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t.

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In this extremely long thread, this is probably the most relevant post to me. I’d love to access (life) stats. Character +levels, maps played total/character, weapon used, kills with weapon, frinedly fire inflicted total/character, etc.

I’m mostly indifferent to the scoreboard as such, but if it’s present, I’d prefer plenty of useful stats (no matter if they are rage-inducing or not). Most of the ones from V2 can be used, as described in the quote below, and a few other stats such as friendly fire, “shield” generation from cohesion and/or kills, numbers of downs/deaths, etc. would be useful too.

Maybe personalize it by making the individual stats toggleable in the options menu.


Personal context. I never play to get the top stats and rarely play aggressively enough to consistently get the most of anything (neither for meta or meme build). I don’t necessarily get circles for clutching, and that “top” player didn’t necessairly pull any weight just because the circles make it look that way.

No matter if the scoreboard is there or not, a bad player that’s not self-critical and is not looking to improve, will remain bad whether it’s deluded by a false scoreboard confirmation or not. The scoreboard can be a useful tool, it can be fun, it can be cause for anxiety, and it can be a cause for toxicity, but the underlying cause for those problems is hardly the scoreboard in itself.

I think its painfully obvious that a majority of players want the inclusion of a detailed scoreboard. This poll further illustrates this point. Fatshark really needs to include the VT2 style stats into Darktide, the total team kills stats are pointless and explain nothing.


You can do small sample size work with specific methods for samples well smaller than 100. That doesn’t have anything do to with this thread though.

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That is honest. There are some trade-offs with using that as an end game, but it is obv a valid perspective. I like that more than other views that pretend the scoreboard provides valuable statistics or real performance information.

edit: to remind people of my first post, where I said, let’s not freak out about the view that the scoreboard has zero value - that isn’t really the point. I think some of this thread has gone a bit sideways.

Now this thread now has several people making strong, aggressively stated views about statistics that are poorly informed.

In a lot of different ways some folks are saying: “The more stats the better”

That is not true, and it isn’t a view that folks take if they are familiar with statistics. Presenting statistics for people to understand something takes some work and it isn’t like throwing great globs of numbers at the wall and hoping they might have some relation to success.

If people want stats for the purpose of improving their play, those stats need to consistently predict success or failure in a run. Most of the stats that people are demanding in a scoreboard don’t meet that test. Most folks aren’t trying to create a scoreboard that meets that test, but some folks in this thread are trying to do that, and I’m glad to read their views.

Tons of stats = bad stats. When bad stats are presented publicly and authoritatively it encourages misunderstanding, which has unpredictable effects, and it isn’t great for any product, community or collective endeavor.

The whole world we live in is based on the idea that people respond to incentives, even small ones.

Folks doing this kind of work with statistics say “garbage in, garbage out” for a reason.

If folks in this thread listen to each other, there is something to be learned.
We all seem to like Tide games a lot too. Seems folks could be a bit cooler to a group of fellow travelers.

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If you have a set of specific hypotheses and want to do a study to prove or falsify them then what you say is generally true. But that does not translate well into a scenario where you don’t know which hypotheses will be tested before selecting which data will be collected.

Do you know the definition of insanity?

“A severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder.”

euh…no i mean yes but…
nevermind :face_exhaling:


I don’t like scoreboard. But if there have to be something like it, I only want it to be at the end of mission shown as % in result.