Saltzpyre Voiceline

There is/was a voiceline for Saltzpyre in the game, where he said something like “I want more faith, more […] and more death”. I can’t remember it exactly, but I’m sure I’ve heard it already ingame.

Appearantly it got removed at some point though, didn’t hear it for a long time. Google also didn’t help me. Does somebody know, where I could find that voiceline again?

faapin, that voice line is dead…it’s been dead for more than 10 years

damn :confused:

I’m still waiting for the ending of “The rigtheous feel no pain”.
In VT1 Saltz added “BE YOU UNRIGHTEOUS ?”

I’ve noticed that a lot of voice lines are missing, I don’t know if this is intentional or a bug, but it’s definitely a shame.

I vaguely remember one voiceline back in closed beta when Kerillian used a healing pot.

Kruber: Oooh… so the healing grows on trees now?
Kerillian: If you have a point to make Kruber, just make it.
Kruber: I did…you’ve missed it.

(or something along those lines)

Has anyone heard it recently? I miss that one :frowning:

I did ! (You missed it, lol).
I actually only heard it since recently (well, like one or two month ago).

MAYBE we have all the voicelines already in game, but there are so many we never see them all xD

I heard it about 2 days ago, we were commenting on loving the line… I have to say this is one of the lines I regularly hear… might be your elf does not use healing unless her health is actually low?

Most often we get it when the elf has high white health and heals, or if a healthy elf heals at a point you cant get back too…

uhm, ye I don’t use port very often lol xD well anyways… I’m glad it’s still in the game.

This one plays when you see the screaming bell in the distance after getting past the statue and the market at TSB. It’s on the corner where bosses very often spawn.

VO in this game is a mangled, abused, malnourished mess. What’s truly horrifying is that shartfart have actually improved it, yet this is the state it’s in. Level lines play pretty much never. Conversations are rare and get cancelled by the drop of a hat. Career differentiation is a long forgotten promise. V1 lines are resued all over the place despite Hedge at one point, in a conveniently now unreachable reddit thread, claiming that they’d only be re-done, never fully reused.

But hey at least we get them complaining about wasted heals.


THe VT1 version sounded more like threat of some sort to his “comrades”, to usher them on despite everything. The current version sounds more like self-assurance, to push himself through the damage. So the voicelines are different, and appear to have a slightly different meaning. But yes, it’s a bit strange to not hear the finish.

More generally, it seems that some of the voicelines really do get lost, as either they have been replaced, their conditions never come up or don’t work right (missing bombs completely, possibly repeated jumping), or they’re just so rare as to not be heard practically ever.

“I’m getting trounced!”

Always made me smile in VT1, never heard it in vT2.

Yeah they had to change the trigger of the voiceline cause it obviously don’t have the same meaning.
In VT1 it was played when an ally took damage under low health, Satlzpyre using this more as a motivational threat.

@JLB You manage to blame everybit of this game, at this point I do wonder why you keep coming here or even play the game, if you still do. I mean there are thing to blame, but I really don’t think voicelines are a part of that. Don’t wanna start a fight tho, so I’ll take my leave

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I miss Saltzpyre saying “Ashes to ashes” and “One less flame to light the way” when Sienna dies.


While we’re talking about voicelines we miss… When Kerillian got grabbed, Victor sometimes shouted approximately “Stop strangling the elf… THAT’S MY JOB!” That one caused a laugh when we noticed it.

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