Saltzpyre has the best quotes

…and whoever says the contrary is a THRICE-CURSED DAMN HERETIC! You cannot hide from the hunter - I can smell your heresy in the wind!

Also, I drink this from need, not desire

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best line is with elf:

[insert name] Bridge? we lost two regiments at the [insert] bridge…Wait?! Elf?! EEELF!!!


Best line is actually about Saltzpyre by Sienna in Hunger in the dark.

Something along this line:
“So the northlanders are turning trolls into bile trolls, think we can turn saltzpyre into a human?”

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At this point Im pretty much convinced that they used up all the greatness for Victors voicelines and than had to make Elf voicelines …


I think Kerillean has one that’s kind of like…
“Fly free little cart, fly free!” during hunger in the dark.


“Your crime is your foul existence!! The Penalty is Death!!”

"By Sigmar, the Hammer, AND the Empire I judge you all!!

The voice actor for Saltzpyre is really incredible, just in the delivery alone.

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yeah… Lumberfoots!!!
This is like the lamest battlecry i ever heard. I get the urge to scream every time i hear it as a Keri(Hm) main…

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Eh, Kruber all the way.

Naw that’s Sienna, who also has some good lines…

Hers sound more like she’s seriously losing it. Again a great voice actress.

He lines actually make her sound like she’s so far off the deep end she’s kind of living in a little fantasy world.

Still she does also seem a little softer in this one. In V1 she seriously sounded like a lunatic on the fringes of sanity. (again great voice acting)

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All the characters have awesome voice actors. They really breathe life into the characters. No matter their lines, you always feel like it’s the characters talking. It feels so real.

A number of people seem to have gripes with some of the voicelines in this game. For the most part I think it’s pretty good. Each character has an identity forged through their banter throughout levels. I think my primary criticism with some of the lines would be inconsistency.

For example, typically when an ally dies, one of the characters will say something. Sometimes they seem a bit mournful and that the deaths really affect them. Like even through all the bravado and light hostility they show to each other, something like that will shine through in those most tragic moments. Other times, the very same characters speaking about the same characters dying will be something nonchalant and dismissive. This complete flip in attitude and emotion is really awkward to see as a player. I like the subtle indication that they actually care a little bit about each other. Such as when Kerillian says “Don’t tell anyone, but I may miss the dwarf”. The tone and words imply that she’s trying to hold up her usual tough facade but the emotion of losing someone you spent so much time with is seeping through the cracks. I like moments like those a lot in this game. The way, for example, that specific interaction is done really shines. It really feels like that’s how Kerillian would react to losing one of the team members. Particularly Bardin/Kruber/Sienna. I think her relationship with Saltzpyre, or rather her feelings about Saltzpyre, is a little more complex. A lot of this is seen when listening to the characters talk(particularly in peaceful moments) in VT1. And some of her lines in VT2 too.


I actually love that one, she has gone all “holy guard” on them and she has the warcry to show just how seriously she takes the job xD

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I enjoy his callouts most.

-Ffffattt bassstard blight stormah!
-Nnnnefffaaayyyrious gas rat!

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“How come you see worse with two eyes than i with ONE?!?!”


“Ha! The strangler will strangle no more!” (or was “The strangler strangles no more!”?)

Just awesome

Are you sure? She does say “Fly free little one” when she casts Burning Head, (which I think is such a nice little detail, reflecting the Living nature of the winds of magic) but I’m pretty sure Kerillian delivers that cart line.

Sienna’s characterization is great, and I think they did such a great job reflecting the nature of magic in the Warhammer universe, which I think is fairly unique.

No its definitely Sienna’s voice on that one.

On a side note… Saltzpyre had some really funny dialogue in Castle Drachenfels too in V1. And it changed depending on the time you crossed into the Torture chamber.

“Be more careful Goreksson”

Got to hear it live

Yes… but as an agent of the Everqueen?? I think it really not fits her, at least on that carreer.

It kinda does yet it doesn’t.

But if we consider it has her having taken a path of protection to better help her companions then the warcry makes perfect sense.

She literally went and did it for the sake of those lumbering people, better have a shout to remind them of it x)

I miss the “Sigmar, bless this ravaged body” from VT1. He has so many good ones.

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