Funniest Dialoges!

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I found funny dialoges

share if you find funny dialoges of V2





Let’s not forget this masterpiece:

I only heard it once ingame, never again.

Upon Slaying a Ratogre by Bardin:

Sienna Fuegonasus: Good kill, Goreksson. Look at that beast fall!

Bardin Goreksson: Haha, It reminds me of the one who fell on you. Zharrinn!

Sienna Fuegonasus: Please Bardin. I’m sorry your trousers caught fire while you dragged me out.


Bardin Goreksson Have a care, Wutelgi. I had ancestors die at Pine Crags.

Kerillian Oh, really? During the ambush, or when the dwarfs threw down their weapons and begged for mercy?
Bardin Goreksson That’s it! Put up your blade, wazzok!
Sienna Fuegonassus Enough! Both of you!

I heard them ingame and promptly added them to the offical Vermintide Wiki:

Can I add some wishes too? Maybe somebody at FatShark will read it:

When Kerillian gets the last hit (the kill) on a monster, Bardin will say:

I hope most will get this reference.

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I’ve only heard this once in 700 hours but I was jumping around on the elevator and sienna roasted me with something like ‘stop jumping around you look ridiculous’

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Damn, never seen the pub brawl video.

It was just an April Fools Event in Vermintide 1. I think you were really able to “brawl” on this day in the pub.

I’ve actually heard that dialog in the keep now on VT2, the whole is cousin real banter. Good stuff.

I like the dialog between Salty and Kerillian as well. When she’s going on about hordes of enemies she slaughtered on a bridge, and then salty says something about how an entire regiment disappeared on that bridge and starts screaming ELFFFFF!!! ELFFFFF!!!


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