Praise/roast to the chef

Howdy fitshreks, late to the subject but whatever, these character specific mission briefings are really good, i often get caught with my guard down and laugh, but they work not only comedically but also character and lorewise, its a nice window into each of them and their worldviews, another nice job, well done, i am proud of you keep it up.
Don’t wanna praise you too much though not to make you people arrogant, sometimes i really feel like fatshark is an aglomeration of C grade students and everything you get right you get it by accident, but then you go around and do it right again and again, it becomes hard to pinpoint where to put my expectations, i know any new content will be good, it will just take a long time and i just know its going to crash a lot, its like you guys are in between Valve and Bethesda, you take as long as one then you code like the other.

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Yeah they were an amazing little thing they dropped in the game. I’d be lying if I wasn’t looking forward to Sienna’s career at least half for her versions of the level narrations, Sienna’s VA is a riot. I’d also love to hear Cattrine narrations.


That sounds like a wicked idea, but they should get someone different to voice her to make her believable as a character.

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Has she ever had a VA? I thought the character existed only on paper.

They used Kerillian’s VA for a few lines. It wasn’t great.

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Quite honestly any new character to vermintide world is great whatsoever, i feel like with the amount they have they could already do a parody version of a 90s sitcom with canned laughtrack and all.

I’d totally watch it, the level of their banter is so great I’ve been thinking they could make a series out of it since VT1