Please add some less hateful or change Kerillian's voice lines

Could Fat Shark please just change her voice lines I really liked Kerillian’s voice lines in Vermintide 1 but in Vermintide 2 she has no positive lines in any way shape or form and it is really driving me crazy! She just treats everyone like crap which I understand she is a wood elf but she has interacted with this group for quite some time and now she treats them worse than before like what kind of character progression is that? I mean I read the lore bits you guys posted and she is opening up to everyone (which I love) and then I play Vermintide 2 and she is a spiteful $#@&# to everyone that has somehow managed to become meaner than before. I do hope that when you guys add her new career you change her lines up a bit I mean she really needs it at least for continuity sake.

P.S Kerillian’s voice actress is fantastic never EVER replace her.

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