Positive Feedback: Voice & Dialogue

Hey guys I think we’re taking too much of this feedback channel in the direction of complaining about stuff and highlighting what we don’t want, rather than what works well and what we want more of.

I’m a greasy zealot player and quite possibly my favorite thing, even more than cleaving though hordes of stinky ghouls with meat explosions and dashing to danger like an absolute maniac, is the fact that almost every line the Fanatic female (played by Sophie Wilkinson as per a dev blog) is yelled. She seems to have forsaken an indoor voice entirely so as to ensure her zeal and faith are always flying at 100%. I absolutely love this. The only thing I would request to change about it is for the next time you get the VA in the booth, to redo the 4 or 5 lines where she speaks at an appropriate volume to make sure she yells them instead.

I open the floor to you. What other performances really stick out to my fellow rejects? Or writing, since there’s a lot of fun quip exchanges too.