Character and class chatter in game

I just want to give a big shout out to you all for implementing the in game chatter between characters. Great work on this. I had the distinct pleasure of randomly being put into a group of 4 Fanatic/Preachers. It was very amusing to hear them responding to each other throughout the mission. My character mentioned something like “Let us pray” and one of the other fanatics actually began to pray. Lol. So funny to hear things like this.
My hope is that there can be more of these almost dialogue Easter eggs to find and hear. I want to suggest the 4 fanatics actually begin a chant or a song or something! Lol. It would be so hilarious and a super fun thing to hear. I’m sure you all or the community could come up with some fun ideas when a full team of 4 of one class gets together and chats during the mission.
Anyway, great work and thank you!

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