How often do new voiceline get added without telling us?

I’m convinced I keep hearing new voicelines for old maps, locations, actions and triggers although I can’t confirm it. I don’t mean the new lines added by expansions or classes… “MOOORRRDIN??” … but generally added as a little hidden QoL bonus.

Example; As Victor got grabbed by a Spawn I heard sienna shouting

“The Spawns grabbed victor, and they’re canoodling by the look of it!” which I’ve never heard before and the fact that victor is canoodling got me downed because I was crying tears of laughter.

So @Fatshark_Hedge, @FatsharkLev is there any answer? Do we keep getting added new lines? It’s amazing if we’re still getting new lines for older stuff.

Also for any mod experts, how can I trigger voice lines in the modded realm? Tha line abotu canoodling killed me.


Recently I was in a game where the Shade went down and I was Saltz and Saltz said, “The elf has fallen.” To which Kerillian replied, “The elf is in a lot of pain, help her.” to which Saltz replied, “On further consideration…” Never heard this one before. It’s pretty cool to hear new lines.


The eternal back and forth between sienna and saltz is pure gold.


I don’t think they are new lines. The voiceline triggers have been borked for a long time. Most of which would get cut off when a special or boss enters the map or when a player tags an elite/special.

Yeah maybe they fixed that, i heard new chaos warriors voice lines, i heard kruber go “hook rat and bardin always hook rat and bardin” wich i never heard before.
maybe theres more lines but the game wasn’t playing them properly.

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I’m just waiting untill the V1 line “Time for a one man shield wall!” is finally reinstated.


“I’m getting trounced!”

That’s the one I want back.


I remember from an older post (around WoM possibly) that Hegde said they are constantly adding new lines.

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“Come out, come out - wherever you are” <|:-}

I also heard Keri and Bardin roasting Krubs for his cow line at Against the Grain and laughing amongst themselves, which is also ‘new’ I believe.

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That line has been in the game for longer. I remember hearing it a good while back, at least.

The bovine majesty, instant favorite.

2 characters pilling on one should happen more often, like that one the elf and sienna is talking about saltz and he complements with “i am right here”


There is one voiceline I haven’t heard since 2018 and it used to make me laugh.

I was playing Sienna on Hunger in the Dark with no Saltzpyre player and Sienna said something that was comparing poor ole Saltz to bile trolls! Sienna def had no chill :laughing:

I just wish I could remember what it was…

I heard that one recently.

She says something about “IF they’re turning normal trolls into bile trolls, maybe we could turn Saltzpyre into a human.”

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It wasn’t that because I still hear that one. It was something far more insulting. I remember being completely taken aback when I heard it.

I finally remembered it! Idk if this is the exact wording because I don’t hear it anymore but you get the gist of it.

"Have you ever seen something so ugly, that wasn’t Saltzpyre darlings?"

I was kinda wrong as she wasn’t exactly comparing him to the trolls but insinuating it.

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