Audio cue's and voice lines

Seems like the audio call out system for specials needs a rework. It worked really well in VT1 but now theres more often multiple specials instead of one, half the time one will get an audio cue/callout, other half the time nothing for the 2-5 specials that just spawned.

Dont really have any great ideas that wouldnt trivialise special spawns in general but its much more difficult to true solo if you can’t even be prepared for disablers.

I know it didnt work 100% of the time in VT1 but it worked much better.
Couple ideas, maybe shorten the audio cue time so you can fit more cue’s into a shorter length of time or have some sort of visual spawn indicator (strongly against this but i cant really see how to fix it via audio only).

On another note, some voice lines are broken or off, had compliments towards the one character that isnt even in the match a couple times (eg. Sienna praises saltz instead of bardin, no saltz in the match).

A little disappointed at the voice lines for VT2, at least a third are ripped straight from VT1 (fair enough) but most of the new lines dont really add to the rich depth of character that was built for each of the 5 characters in VT1. Overall the characters feel less personal, imo. Feels like the voice lines have half as much effort as VT1.
Example, saltz’s new line, ‘Healers tools! And not before time.’ Was a VT1 kerillian line word for word.

Would love to hear other people’s opinions.

I want more banter lines as well. Agree with everything you said.

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The one new voice line i really appreciated was kerillian taunting saltz for not attacking an SV’s head, ‘they’re weak in the head, one eye, just like you’.

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