The "no enemies around" voicelines honestly need to go

Yeah, I know it’s minor. But I don’t think I’m the only one being driven insane by these. Let me explain.

As pretty much everyone knows, now and again the heroes will say something among the lines of “gee, it sure is quiet around here”. Well, here’s the thing. IT NEVER IS. Never! Absolutely never! Even on Recruit! I can count the times when any of these lines made the slightest lick of sense on the fingers of one hand. That’s in 200 hours.

And boy, do these lines play often.

What’s funny is that they also existed in V1, and they played about as often. They were never as maddening in there, however. The reason for that is, the tone of these lines changed drastically between the two games. In V1 the focus was always on “stay sharp, the skaven are around the corner”. In V2 it is" HMMMM THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO ONE AROUND HERE HELLOOOOOO!!!". There’s a scant few lines that are done in the style of old, but they’re very few and very far between. As such, they stand out, badly.

In pretty much every game, you’ll have heroes complaining about how quiet everything is and how cowardly the skaven and northlanders are, all while fighting a horde, an elite pack, killing specials, and hearing the horde alarm bell/horn in the distance. It happens all. the. time. It was funny for a while, but now it’s just stupid.

I get that removing them outright is a bit extreme, but let’s be honest, no one is going to miss them. They play FAR too often. Just, no. Disable them. Fixing them so they only play when you’ve actually not encountered many enemies in a long period of time is honestly not worth it, simply because the game doesn’t work that way. These lines are pointless.

Maybe add some actually useful lines instead. Like grimoire pickups or throwaways. Or callouts for Chaos elites. Or, or, or… I could go on forever. But really, get rid of these voicelines.


I agree they need to at least be fixed so they only play when there’s actually no enemies around… Lastnight we had all four heroes pinned down under a huge onslaught of horde plus ogre, and Sienna says “Hey, where has everybody gone?” XD

That voiceline is when the character is separated from all the others, not a ‘no enemy around’ line.

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I agree with @zaygr zaygr. It sounds like you’re conflating the normal “stay sharp” fair with the abandonment issue dialogue. The line you’re reference specifically has a slight sarcastic undertone in its delivery to fulfill its roll as such.

Yeah no, I don’t think so. I know what I’m talking about. The abandoned lines don’t play anywhere near as often, in fact I dare say they actually work. The only place where they’re a problem is Skittergate with the gate, but it does technically throw you to a very distant part of the level, so there’s no fixing that.

There are lines for when heroes are alone, and they’re very different from the ones I’m referring to. They’re highly distinct. Some examples off the top of my head.

Walking trash can:
“Gods, where are the others?” =/= “ThEsE PeACeFUl mOmeNTs bOOOOOre mE GARBLE GARBLE GARBLE ARE WE THEEERE YEEET

“Sigmar, guide me to my… comrades.” =/= “Ratmen, northlanders - cowards all!”

“Darlings, where are you?” =/= “Perhaps I should send a few flames into the darkness (works best on brightly lit daylight maps like AY!), that should flush the ratties and northlanders out.”

Didn’t think I had to point out which exact lines I’m referring to. I’m talking about the second line in each example. And all of its kind. The ones that play all, the, time, why, won’t, they, STOP. I’m amazed I couldn’t remember one of Bardin or Kruber’s off the top of my head!

These are not from the same pool. Somehow, despite having broken pretty much everything else VO-related, they do not have the heroes call out for each other as if they’re lost when in the middle of a fight. Thinking back, I’m surprised they don’t.

My issue still stands. They’re whining about how there aren’t any enemies, repeat, enemies, as in, they outright say ratmen and northlanders, to fight. When they’re fighting ratmen and northlanders. A lot of them. Lots and lots of them. The whole level. And they just keep saying it. While chased by specials. While fighting off a horde. During an event. ALL THE TIME.

Ah yep, still bugged though since I was basically bumping elbows with all three other players at the time xD

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Sorry, my reply was to @Flinlock. Their line was the left alone line.

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Sound, both dialogue and music is in a terrible state right now.

Countless times is my music stuck on a loop, countless times am I ambushed by specials that made not a single sound, countless times hear I new dialogue interrupted by career abilities.

When they said there’d be different voice lines for each hero career, what I never expected was it to be for something as uninteresting.