Saltzpyre Rapier middle click uses Bounty Hunter's Blessed Shots

Unknown whether this is intentional or not, but it’s ridiculous. The gun does next to nothing in terms of damage anyway, but on top of that, it uses your Blessed Shots passive, meaning if you’re using Prize Bounty, you will use ammo when you didn’t mean to. Please fix or, if intentional, reconsider this design choice.

It is actually very powerful up close but damage drops to nothing after 5m. I can 2 shot maulers in legend at just under 500 power. I’m pretty sure it is intentional as it is a ranged weapon after all. It also counts as melee to reset blessed shots though…


Well after the 1st time you notice this happens you will know that using the ranged portion of the rapier will consume the certain ranged critical hit. From there on you will have the choice whether to shoot with the rapier pistol and consume Blessed Shots or save it for your actual ranged weapon.

Also as @dieaready said, it deals almost as much damage as a real pistol (from brace of pistols) at close range.

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