Saltz still offers to buy Bardin a drink at the Red Moon Inn

This voiceline should probably be removed from v2, no? Red Moon got rekt. RIP chandelier.

I just heard it first time, and I thought hey thats nice easter egg, Red Moon is ruin but Saltz is so cool he is already planning how they will drink with Master Dwarf once they fix-fix whole empire. :upside_down_face:

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While I agree this is an oversight, I’d really dig that kind of humour. The characters have some genius lines, at times.

Noticed that too but i just like to think of it as Saltzpyre just being cheeky. “Yeah i’ll pay you back for that in never”


This is in addition to the other lines that were just straight up lifted from V1 and put into this game. Lines like Sienna asking Bardin “How much did you have to drink before we left, dwarf?”

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