Said it before, just here to say it again

Totally get that, I argued with friends of mine that have a vast knowledge of Lore both Old World and 40k, and one of them said that he wished Fatshark would have stayed in Woodelf Unitroster for additional Elf Careers.
On Kruber we never found an additional Empire-Career that made sense so we accepted GrailKnight as a kind of “well we need a 4th career and people asked for a Bretonnian anyway” kind of thing.

But we came to the conclusion, that Bardin and Saltz (if he gets Warrior Priest of Sigmar as 4. career) got the most consistend careers lore wise. Whereas Kruber only sticks out with Grail Knight.
Sienna was weird with Unchained but Elf is mostly all over the place xD

For the Sisters of Battle, would be fun to get a (bigger) DLC/Add-On with an extra playmode (like weave just not as shitty) and then you can play a Gun-Nun-Kill-Team xD Careers like: Melee-focused, Flamer, Ranged-focues and whatever else would also be fun. But well we will see.

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I know but depending on how much you have read on dark elves Malus is prolly the most honorable one and man he is a c*** lol

So, we get to fight chaos marines and use Sister pattern Bolters.


First and foremost:
“One day we could be jamming the muzzle of a Bolter into the maws of 40K’s cockney greenskins.”


“Those different things currently consist of a whole host of Chaos troops and daemons”
That will be interesting in terms of what Ordo we belong to, Hereticus or Malleus.

But for the matter about Bolters, I read the following “referring to smaller variants of the gun described in the tabletop game’s lore, such as the Locke and Godwyn-De’az patterns.”

and interpreted it not as “We use Bolters made for SoB” but rather “We get to use Bolters that are the same/ or similar pattern to Locke and Godwyn-De´az since everything else would break bones, except for the Ogryn-Bones”
Since Locke-Pattern is used by Adeptus Arbites, I think it wont be nailed down to Gun-Nuns Bolter-Pattern. Maybe we get a new pattern…would not make that much difference or we just use IG-Style Pattern…well at least Locke-Pattern is also available in the Koronus Expanse (Rogue-Trader 40k PnP) so we will see.

I hope that the Bolter and maybe Heavy-Bolter will be pickups or Ultimates, because I would hate it if they would be available as the Lasgun and they just say “Well the Bolter is a bit more AoE and AP then the Lasgun but for hard AP take the Hotshot Lasgun”…kinda feels wrong xD But we will see.

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