Adepta sororitas cosmetic

Got the game on steam recently at a friend’s recommendation and because it was discounted. I’ve been really enjoying it so far but one thing is bugging me.

My aforementioned friend gets to play as his favourite human faction in the kreigers but I can’t make my zealot a proper sister of battle.

I understand why they don’t exist as a full blown class but I really think you’re missing a trick by not having any sororitas armour cosmetics for the zealot.

Let me run around with my Bolter/flamer/eviserator in the honour of our martyred lady and for the gloy of the god-emperor dammit.

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Welcome to the club
Vet players have been waiting for proper kasrkin set with a visored helmet for a year now.

Yet fatshark have let us rot with the silly looking visorless one all this time. It’s like they don’t want money. My favourite being giving us an actual full carapace armour set in red with no red carapace helmet to go with it.

And don’t get me started of just wanting a default cadian look, you know the generic guardsman design every other 40k game that features the guard has.

You will get fatshark bad oc designs and you will be happy.

The whole ‘I lost my armor’ gimmick thing needs to go. Why do I only have one shinguard on some cosmetics, or one pauldron. It looks so unbelievably bad.

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