30 ammo+ no reload was gr8.
str pot 50% more time on mini boss tbh u did not do a lot of dmg u will if u go all HS.
but all that up^^ and u fight boss map skitter, nest, war camp u just melt boss like WOW easy HS combo… was gr8

but now RIP

What? Would you be so kind as to clarify what you mean?

Not that I am criticizing, I just don’t know what the meaning of this post is. More specifically, I don’t actually understand what specific features we are talking about.

Are we talking about a single weapon? I get that we are talking about the Headshot mechanic, are you talking about Conservative Shooter or Barrage? Or are we talking about the technical ranged changes from the last big melee/ranged overhaul?

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Well ok… during the Balance Beta Fatshark wanted to get people to use the BoP again since they were so substandard compared to the other Saltzpyre weapons.

After the Buff of the BoP in the Beta Balance, the WHC (not the other jobs) specifically could use the BoP when combined with Ult to do good boss damage. Usually about 1/4th to 1/3rd of its health quickly depending on RNG based Crits.

You needed the Aminosity Ult, Concoction Trait on Trinket, and a Potion. And extreme close range, you pinged it, drank potion, hit your Ult and then run up and spray lead into its face, then you could hit your Ult again and fire again getting crits but without the STR Potion damage.

This would no longer be possible now. So the BoP would drop off to relatively obscurity in favor of the other Saltz ranged weapons because they are basically superior to the BoP in pretty much everything else.


With Aminosity Ult, Concoction Trait on Trinket, and a Potion you could do that dmg just by throwing rocks at the boss.


Well its pretty questionable anyway as to whether taking off 1/4th to 1/3rd of a Boss Mob’s Health using your Ult is all that bad anyway. Its a long ways off either a Shade or Kruber Huntsman’s ability to literally solo them.

WHC no matter how you slice it was never capable of that with BoP anyway.

Shade is bugged. Devs just dont want to admit it so they act like soloing boss in 10s is a “feature” of that broken class.


u do more dmg with 50% more time charm and str pot. u can do 80% hp dmg on boss map not mini boss.
u can solo kill skiter boss, war camp and nest with that combo. i did not tray barage or hunter i like the 5% ammo crit but i can imagine the power with barage-hunter.

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There’s no way to tell how much boss damage you do on Bosses for either Skitter, War Camp, or Nest in comparison to the rest of the party with that combo because its not tracked. So you have no idea how much you do vs them under your Ult and Pots.

But usually when I see Mini Boss Damage it comes out only slightly above everyone else. Its not some uber number like a Shade or Huntsman, or heck sometimes even Sienna or Slayer.


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