Brace pistols buff plz

Can we make brace pistols shield breaking please after the nerfs it received i feel like it would be fine for this to happen since this class has alot in rapid fire weapons it would be nice to have one of these rapid fire weapon that could do shield breaking as well and it fits perfectly with brace pistols.

that’s all i want with this weapon so i can actually use it more otherwise i find crossbow and reaptor pistol the better choices.

Its still one of the best ranged weapons in the game due to zealot and WHC power stacking, its fine as is tbh.


How about you give this to the repeater pistol so it has a reason to be picked.

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i don’t think its fine tbh i don’t have power stacking needs a slight buff for BH.

na cause crossbow and reapter pistol is the most picked in the game your point is invalid.

Based on what? I run BoP on zealot and WHC and that’s all I see anyone else running. You could run them on Bounty Hunter but why when you can run repeater chaos warrior 1 shot plus hunter to massively buff his melee power vs whatever armour type you like.

BoP is fine where it is. They could make the reload slightly faster as it’s a bit monotonous but not much else.


Brace does not need any further buffs.
If you really need to kill a shielded enemy with them you can. A few rapid fire shots will either break the shield or cause the mob to lower the shield allowing you to get enough shots in to kill said mob.

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What is with these threads lately? You newbs are getting me all moist with these insanely over powered suggestions. Buff hagbane and BoP, lmao… a man can dream…

You are aware that BoP is one of the most powerful weapons in the game right now? Here, try this,

-BoP with skaven and monster on them.

-Charm with chaos and infantry so you can hit those breakpoints for A&F melee. The chaos will also sync with the BoP, so you end up with 20% extra damage vs Chaos and Skaven bosses. Also, make sure you rum concoction trait on the charm. So you can pick up any potion.

-trinket with shrapnel for the 20% damage boost.

Now, here’s what you end up with. The concoction trait syncs perfectly with the 12 rounds in the BoP. Tie that in with shrapnel 20% damage and WHC 20% tag bonus or zealot 30% damage stacks. You can now chunk around 60-80% of a bosses HP in around 3 seconds.

Is that not strong enough for you?


Then don’t run them on BH? Why have classes if everything is the same on each of them?


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