Don't ruin BoP.

The reworked BoP is garbage and destroys the weapon identity, usefulness, and it’s enjoyability.

Don’t kill off the BoP.


Yeah i woke up in the morning and now i felt bop dead
6s reload time for 12 bullet lol
If they do huge buff on bop’s monster dmg(5 bosy shot now without any property. I hope make it as 2~3shot withiut whc tagged + grim + property
It would be okat but no dmg buff agaisnt monster and makes it reload 6s?
Dam goog balance while still hagbane kill everythings
Gooooood balance

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Is there a new beta, or is this on console . . . ? Where did you hear about this.

On reddit there is xbox user’s post that their bop has 6s reload times with video

This rework is FS’s interpretation of this proposal.

Before you pronounce it dead on arrival, I’d like you to be aware the the goal of this rework is to open up new balancing possibilities for BoP. So, yes, the new limitations are supposed to balanced out by buffs to damage, etc. I’d be surprised if they got it just right out of the gate – this is new territory!


The problem is bop has really bad dmg against monster type
6s reload xan be okay if they buff dmg agsint monster

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They went through the trouble of making a new animation - untold heights of effort for these devs - so yeah, no, it’s here to stay.

I don’t mind at all. I say that as a prolific Saltzpyre player, even if I was always more a fan of the two crossbows.

The infinite clip idea is not something that ever truly had a good place in this game. V1, sure, but in V2 it flops back and forth between viability and being joke-tier. BoP is either monstrously weak or monstrously overpowered, and it incentivizes box-sitting, being the only weapon to really do that, second being hagbane, perhaps. There’s really not much to lose.


Check reply on teaser post

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You can see the teaser footage here, with this BoP being used on PC.

And yeah it’s fairly evident now that the BoP rework in the balance beta was designed to coincide with this change, but they didn’t have the reload mechanic in yet.


Well spotted.

Ok I think this doesn’t look like an awful idea I actually like it but that means bop is in for some serious dmg buffs.

12 shots is a great clip and you reload 2 at a time which is what you need to kill most targets.

I’m not sure what tweaks it would need exactly because I cannot test it but more monster dmg is clearly among them.

I don’t understand why we didn’t test this in the beta that was supposed to run until things were in a great place. When they clearly intended to test this out. The Peasants never asked to be your lab rats!

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I know you said you wouldn’t give answers but did you rework brace of pistols for PC or was your dev build calibrated for consoles while you made the video?

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Looks pretty cool to me tbh. Shotgun’esque reloads and burst damage. Seems like a good fit.
Now they just have to get damage, damage fall-off, stagger, cleave, recoil and accuracy right.


You really want another ranged weapon to be great at killing monsters? Isn’t hagbane, fireball, drakegun, manbow etc. enough?

IMO most of these weapons are too efficient at doing that job. If we had double monsters in the game regularly I’d see an argument that ranged weapons need to do this, but until then I think there are more than enough options for that job RN - for saltzpyre it’s the repeater pistol.

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it’s almost as if Packmaster should be moved out of the Monster category by now… Because this, I belive, is the main reason people ask for this buff.

They now have another underutilized armor type, which is Berzerker. Honestly, why not lump the packmaster in there? At that rate it may actually be sometimes used!


Packmasters go down in 4 hits currently. It wouldn’t hurt if it took 3 now that we have a clip or something else that could make up for this.
About boss dmg even standing on a chest being ignored wasn’t that good you were still worse than hagbane (not that it should have been) but now with reload it will be much lower. Also being a god near a crate against hordes was one of the major upsides and I think it deserves a little bit compensation noting extreme.

Well that would pretty much kill off all BoP usage you are correct.

It would make it pointless to use compared to X-Bow, Volley, or Repeater.

The reason you use BoP is when you need that HUGE burst or expenditure of Ammo. Because frankly individual shots after the Beta 4 Nerf pretty much killed off the ability to use it for normal targets with the exception of Armored. Due to nerfing the Damage against ALL other targets.

You COULD use them with WHC’s Ult to do a quick chunk of damage out of a Boss Mob if you used Concoction Trait AND a Potion… but that’s pretty much out the window now.

So they’re going to end up… Nerfed in comparison to Pre-Beta “buff” since they reduced the damage on everything BUT armor… and NOW they added a Clip which prevents it from being used for anything else really.

Wow… I thought they Wanted the BoP to be used…

…not collect dust like they used to.

EDIT: In a nutshell, all of the other Ranged Weapons are capable of ONE shotting a target in various capacities whether through charged shots or a single shot AND have better penetration into a Horde… ONLY the BoP cannot. On its BEST target (armored) it still can only Two Shot it.

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While I hope to be proven wrong, this doesn’t look that good to me, and I don’t mean that literally. The idea is okay, but I fear this’ll push BoP down below the crossbow again because of the limitations it’ll cause, especially assuming the weapons current damage and falloff is here to stay. ( And it is a long reload, seemingly.)

If there is no reduction to damage falloff in particular after the limitations are added in the form of clip size, I think it’ll make the weapon a lot less appealing. It also is already a weapon that uses a lot of ammo to do damage, this might just limit BoPs ability to shine where it did before and certainly kills the weapon for me given how I’ve been using it.

Being proven wrong would be nice, but this is I’m not excited for in the slightest.


I doubt they’d go forward with this clip idea Loyalist.

I know I would never use them again. It would be pointless when I can use any other Saltz Ranged weapon and One Shot targets + have penetration into a horde . They really painted themselves into a corner with this when they did the Beta 4 Nerf that reduced their damage down lower than it was Pre Beta.

All the other Saltz weapons can either one shot a target or use a charged shot to one shot a target. The BoP cannot at BEST on its most favorable target (vs Armored), it can only 2 shot it and ONLY with Power vs Armor gear.

The ONLY thing you Could do with BoP in those situations was open fire and spray as many bullets as you could until they drop. But wouldn’t even be able to do that now. So it would have no advantages over any of the Ranged weapons and even be worse in most circumstances.

EDIT: I can’t think of a single job they WOULD be used on after that either. They’d be pretty worthless on Zealot too at that point. They have no penetration into a Horde, and the Zealots number 1 enemy is a Packmaster buried in a Horde. So AFTER they used up all their clip to clear out a chunk of the Horde JUST to get to the Packmaster… then they’d STILL need another 4 shots to kill it.

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