Rewards for completing missions feels completely unfulfulling

I’ve been tracking items received since level 18, I just hit 30 two missions ago. I’ve never seen a purple item, either in the armory or as a drop, but that’s not the point of this post.

This might actually be a bug with my character:

I haven’t received an item drop at the end of a mission since level 18. Not a blue, not a green, not a grey. I haven’t seen a single item drop since Item Level 258; it was a Green Headhunter Autogun.

Am I missing something? I checked my curios because I thought maybe it was being overridden by a curio blessing or something, but not the case. What can I do to start receiving items again?


With the vendor being terrible for getting the weapon types you want, they really should increase postgame rewards dramatically.


I think it is really RNG (“Emperor’s Gift” would be fitting then indeed) or a bug. Because I just had two weapon rewards right after one another after getting 8 or even 10 levels no rewards on my Preacher.
Ogryn similar story, but here I see all 3, 4 level or 12 missions a reward (so like all 6-8 hours).

Still, I too think that we need way better/ more rewards. Especially the ones for secondaries (which give wounds or at least block equipment slots in the mission), are underwhelming to say the least.
And if they really do the “upgrade system” like announced, with the need to “collect blessings and upgrade them”, then it will start to be a time-gated grindfest to get enough blessings/ materials to upgrade them.
And this always only for one weapon/ char A T A T I M E.
Because we do not have shared inventories anymore as in Vermintide 2 (so all coins and materials need to be collected again and again and again…).

I mean, this might be ok for the “best weapon” one has, but what about weapons for special occasions? For fun? Always the same grind -AGAIN- just to have some enjoyment? For EVERY Operative?
No, we really need more and better rewards, same with more and better options for the weapon shop and crafting (then we would be golden).

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I’ve played 6 missions since hitting 30, and I still haven’t got an item. One mission I played with lower level guys, only got hit 3 times throughout the mission, one shot basically every enemy, and still never got an item. I HAD TO BE MVP, and still, nothing.

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The big issue for me is that I played VT2 because I wanted to play at the hardest difficulty. This game is no different. But I can’t even get close to the gear I need to play 5s. 4s are very hard to complete. The game’s systems are contradictory and it’s taking the enjoyment away for me at this point.